I’m The Grapefruit Girl

So I feel the need to apologize this post is coming in at 10 something PM but to be fair I am way too busy and it is before midnight so I am doing okay in the blogging front.

If you are confused about the title of this post I plan on explaining

In my chemistry lecture of about 100 people I decided to speak my mind last week about a clicker question I though I had gotten correctly. The question was about ionized acids, are the proton accepts, proton donors or not enough information.

I said proton donors because I remembered reading that bases were donors and that made me think about how grapefruit are acidic and they donate energy (and happiness) to me so I was quite sure I was right.

I explained this whole thing to the entire class and at the end the TA sitting in front of me says “You’re thinking of Bronsted acids.”

*Face palm*

So today in class there was a question and it was yes or no. Most of the class said yes, and I made up half of the students who said no. The professor called on the other student to defend no. The student backed off so I, without being spoken to yell out “I’m the grapefruit girl and I think it’s no.” Turns out that was a trick question; based on the  temperature both answers could have been right.

So now I am the grapefruit girl in chem class which is pretty cool.

I don’t even want to talk about nano

Current word count:2844

Average needed word count:5001


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