Time Spent in the Cold

So I don’t know why I do this to myself but I like to sign up for things, and I like to follow through on the things I say I will do which is why I am falling so far behind in everything. Today I had quidditch in Worcester Mass. we played four games two against Clark University and two against Smith. I managed to make a goal in the second Smith game.

What happened was one of my teammates was beat (So he had to run back and drop the quaffel) but he had thrown the quaffel through the hoop, because I was not sure if that would count and game had not stopped play I picked up the ball and threw it through the hoop as well (For safe measure.) at which point play was stopped. All the girls from the other team were telling me that it wouldn’t count because I threw a ball that was thrown from a beat player but the judgement call was “First goal void, second goal Valid, ten points to URI.”

That was my whole day spent outside in the cold playing or watching quidditch. meaning I did not study for my soil exam that is on tuesday or write for NaNo or edit the promos for Avenue Q or touch the chem lab. At this point at least I can say I did my blog post.

Word count:2140

Average words needed for today:3333

Today’s goal: 4500


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