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Last day

I can’t believe November is over already this month that is so crazy and scarry and important to every college student and it flew by for me this year. To be honest the whole semester has flown by. It has not been easy and coming back from thanksgiving break to suffer through a week of classes before reading days and finals and then a month off. I somehow managed to do a 50K NaNo this year do not ask me how I won’t be able to tell you. Now if I can manage to not fail my classes I will know that I really can do everything. (except live with my best friend and expect what the people I love to do (Turns out the cards are not in my favor on those things))

With everything coming so close to an end I have to really bunker down and focus. I will miss doing daily posts but at the same time it is something of a relief. How do people come up with things to write everyday for years straight I want to know because I feel a bit tapped out after this 30 day stretch. Tomorrow I will put up the very few nail art pics I have from this month (Please understand there were more important things going on than my nails) I will return to the Monday Funday, Thoughts from Thursday post schedule.

Novermber I will miss it and I will not. I need to finish up my term paper so for now that is all I have.

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate it so much more than I can express. It’s been a month and if you read all of the months worth of posts you know it has been.

NaNo Day 29: Family Time

So this post is pretty much exactly my life right now but i am 4 pages into a 10 page term paper due Tuesday. I know it’s a cop out to use a Julia post as my daily but give me a break it’s so perfect for me righ now, I obviously should prioritize better so this would not happen but hey I finished nan crossing that 50k word count a little before the deadline. So now if I can pass my classes ( not an easy task right now chem and soils) I will be reminded that I can do much more than I think I can. This may be my last year of nano but I will go into the details of that another day I just do not know if it is the best way for me to use my time and creative energy but only time will tell.

Julia the Writer Girl

I’m writing today’s post on my phone because I’m at some relatives’ house and I’m too cozy in bed to go ask them for the wifi password, so apologies in advance for any extra typos or anything.

I spent most of yesterday in the car on the way here, but I got very little work of any kind done, so I’m starting to get nervous for this term paper. (I’m 1.5 of 12 pages in and it’s due Tuesday. Um.)

Fingers crossed I manage to get the majority of that written somehow on the drive home tomorrow?

Meanwhile: Thanksgiving dinners are finally done for the year and I officially need to get back into exercising regularly, I’m spending the day hanging with relatives, and we’re supposedly going to check out a cool bookstore today.

If you’re still battling through the end of NaNoWriMo, YOU CAN DO IT! Get off my…

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Family Friday

So today I seriously overage at my aunts house to the point where I had to lie down. Thanksgiving food was just all so good I want to put in a picture Abbie sent me via snapchat if this doesn’t work bare with me I have never posted through my phone before.

i give up bit it’s a cute fruit turkey.


I think next year I will need to make one of those fruit turkeys. I ate mash potato and sweet potato, green been caserole, pasta, and stuffing with a side of cranberry sauce.

Tonight I should finish nano only 3k to go nothing much else going on


I want to do a super sweet post about all the things I am thankful for because it is thanks giving and I will try to do that (as cliche) as it is but I know I won’t be able to even come close to doing as well as I would like to.

If you have been watching the news there is obviously a bunch of terrible stuff going on and that is how the world is. Even if you were directly effected by all the horror of the world there are still small scraps of things to be thankful for. I think that we as people are constantly viewing so much of the bad and it makes it hard to see the good. “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Before I go into a long list with short explanations I want to explain that I have a hard time seeing the things I am thankful for but can see things that I am great-full for largely thanks to the amazing Courtney who when I would complain about my life would make me do great-fulls and those are wonderful excersize that I need to pass along. So basically I will be listing things I am great-full for.

The obvious ones of friends and family. To my mom who inspires me and pushes me to be the best I possible can, even when I am not happy with her I can not imagine who I would be with our her. To my little brothers for showing me what boys are like and especially William for being himself so often. My dad who tough me how to drive and that silence is not always bad even if it is less comfortable for me.

Friends the ones that have been there for me through so much, this semester has showed me the obvious ones who will always be there the ones back home that I can call and will listen regardless of how big or small the issue. But better than that the unexpected ones the people like Scott and Sammi who you may only see once a month but when you do they fall back into their place and make you smile and laugh and do things for you not because you are begging for the favor but because they want to help you. (Sammi I feel forever indented to you for the mason jars) No matter how long I have known my friends they mean so much, the bff’s that I met in elementary school who introduced me to friends in middle school and then the new people I have met in the last year and a half at college. I love each and every one of the people I know in a different way and am glad I know you all.

I am greatful to have a place to stay and food to eat every meal. I  am a vegetarian and all around rather picky eater because I want to do what is good for my body and I have been able to do that choose what I am eating and how much and when and not really have to worry about how I am going to get my next meal.

I am thankful for my schooling at a school I so love. I am greatful for all the clubs I am involved in that remind me that people are wonderful and we can share common interests. I am thankful for my sorority sisters the girls who accept me and support me and I do the same to them.

I am greatful to be working both this summer and this semester. Neither jobs I have had would be considered the most desirable by most but to me they are the best jobs. I love working both in the dish room at 7am and serving pizza for up to 14 hours straight I would not trade my work hours for any other hours (not even if I could be paid to sleep)

I am thankful for sleep and dreams. I am thankful for the internet and music. I am thankful for writing and my computer and all the modern day technology that makes my life better. I am thankful for people to share my life with the happy moments and the not so happy ones.

I am Thankful and greatful for those things and an infinite amount of other things as well I know that I could think about this some more and ramble on forever. But those are the highlights and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I am celebrating tomorrow with my dad’s side of the family

Snapshot_20141125_1the mason jars from sammi


Today I switched to my iphone which I surprisingly seem to like so far I have learned a lot like how to start a text message conversation and how to check the amount of data I have used. I have downloaded a few select apps starting with the very fun snapchat. As well as charity run, MTV, facebook, messenger, yahoo mail, spotify. I want to make sure to not put too much time wasting stuff on my phone but if there are must have apps I do not yet know about I would love to hear about them. I know there at least used to be an app that was through unicef and it donated water to children in need but I can’t find it in the app store so if someone knows what it is called or if it still exists I would love to hear about it.


I am pretty sure I will have moments that I miss the flip phone I know for a fact that I will like every month when my credit card gets charged for the services of unlimited texting and a large amount of calls to compliment the data that is seriously over priced. I feel like now that I am paying so much for stuff in my phone that will not roll over I will feel more obligated to call home and call my relatives. I will with out a doubt text and snap chat I love snap chat already. I want to do great things so if there are charity apps that you guys use tell me about them I want to use them too.

I will every once in a while give you guys a phone update becuase right now I am so clueless it’s funny. I had to ask my little brother how to start a text message conversation and how to screen shot a snap and to my neighbor Ewa I would not have an activated phone with out you because I do not have my own wifi.
I had to set up so much today between the phone it’s self and the payment for that phone. I know that realistically trackphone my previous provider will not really miss me but in a way I feel like I have betrayed them though it was time I need this or so I tell myself I was able to keep my number but next time I may not be able to so my beautiful number ending in 4419 that rings like a beautiful bell off my tongue so easily could dissapear and no longer be mine. I plan to have this phone for a minimum of two years though if I really hate it I can leave at any time but I really do not think I will.

My personal goal is to not fall into the pattern that so many of my peers have which is becoming so dependent on their phone, to the point where the person can not walk to class with out looking at the screen or talking to a friend or parent on the phone. I am in college a beautiful short time where there are hundreds of people around me pretty much all the time so I want to take advantage of that. Also if I become a droid to the technology please hit me and I am not joking when I say that I want to be smacked to remember that there was a point when I did not need this and just because I have it does not mean I must use it at all times.

The IOS 4s rapped in a broken case that so perfectly looks like me (it broke in the mail and would cost more to send back than the refund I would get for sending it back) So even though there was some stress about swithcing phones and numbers and how to pay for all of this now that it is done I would say it was by far all worth it very good day. Off to sleep or should I say write until I fall asleep.

Congradulations to Julia and anyone else who has completed their NaNoWriMo 2014.

My Current Word Count:   43640

I would love to stay up and finish but more likely I will finish it during the macy’s day parade when it comes on TV what a full circle, I will post again tomorrow till then stay safe stay warm and if you feel the need get some rest.

Snapshot_20141126_1“so call me maybe”

My Body Image

In less than an hour I will be on the road to New Jersey my home state. It’s weird I am feeling very mixed about going home I need to do this; get away from campus and the URI people for a few days but going “home” is something that is less exciting every minute. I like my family but they cause me a great deal of stress and I have to do so much work over the break so I can (hopefully) pass my chem class and also write the term paper that is due when I get back from turkey day.

As a vegetarian I will say nothing more on the note of animals in this post.

Today I went to the gym for body pump (Squats with weights) my regular Tuesday work out but I looked in the mirror and felt thin. I know that nothing has changed but it felt really good. I am very confident about my body but I do not think of myself as thin (I know I am but I don’t think I am) I blame the media but that does not matter it is what it is I love the way I looked today all sweaty and gross in green spandex and baggy shorts with a purple URI Tshirt. My hair haphazardly tossed into a low ponytail with so many fly aways that would float around as I went through the motions of squatting.

I guess what I want to get across is that you are beautiful no matter what shape or size and once you see that everyone else will too. I had thought that being okay with what I looked like (enough to go out in a bikini or wear a crop top) was enough but I didn’t think I was as good looking as I now think I am. This feeling will most likely be gone when I get back to school because the holiday I am going home for is all about family and food so good bye body image and hello new gym. Even if I never feel this good again I am glad to have felt it once and it should happen again some times, I will always have this post to look at.

Safe travels to all and good luck with the traffic.

Songs I Can’t Stop Listening to

This post is a funday Monday post so short and sweet is what I am aiming for. I am going to post five songs that I love (and for the most part I love the bands that they are from) to death but not many people know exist.

I have heard this song over 200 times in the last two days and that is not an exaduration I have a repeat counter on it’s not a problem, (what is a problem is I am starting to get sick of it.) If you like this song I recommend the short film I Ship It worth the twenty minutes.

This one is by a band I only know because I saw them live once in a theme park totally random free really good I bought their EP this song was not on it but I love it. my mom’s advice is not to sing the choirs in the super market take a listen and you will know why.

Another person I saw only once he opened for a local venue that was quite fun I spent the day with my writing friend Lillie H. This is Anson Li with one of the cutest songs on this list “I Swear”

I found this band Said the Whale earlier this year and the people that were around me and especally the one who was living with me knows about them I put up one of their songs a while back but here is another one.

This is a really great band to listen to if you want a bitter back handed up beat sort of thing. I love like all of their stuff (i’ts only about ten songs) this one has a meaning I need to think about and use as a personal goal to work towards. this is the OH WELLS with let it go.

So I will be posting from NJ tomorrow or Wednesday if I have a great blog idea before I leave to go home for break. Either way safe travels to anyone who will be moving form place to place. Hope these tunes make you as happy as I do, I could go on forever with little nobody bands because they are my favorite thing to listen to. If you see this list and think of something I would like leave me a comment I would love to hear what you guys are listening to.

My Sincere Appologies

I want to say sorry for the post that went up so late last night. I spent the day doing other things and I had planned to write up a post after viewing Avenue Q. I knew the post would be going up late but thinking about it I should keep working on my goal of think through your actions. I had wanted to spend the rest of the night with Justin and so the blog post would have been difficult to get up in time regardless.

On the note of Justin I had a conversation with him last night that I feel was really good for us. I don’t know how many of the readers I have are people I consider good friends I assume it is almost all of them (If you are not one of those people who knows me well feel free to comment and make your self known to me. That would be cool). I have a tendency of using the word sorry faster than I should. It is not just me who has this tendency I know loads of people who tend to say sorry before they really know what they are apologizing for.

It is one of those weird human things where a person says for example “my cat was hit by a car” and the other person says “sorry”. Chances are you are not sorry you had absolutely nothing to do with the cat’s injuries. So you can at best be passively sorry for the other person’s loss. At least for me a large portion of the time when I say sorry as a gut reaction it is just a word.

Most people will not call you out for being over apologetic even if they are fake apologizes I believe I have only ever called out one or maybe two people on doing this and I can only remember Justin telling it to me. Sorry is one of those things that is tricky I have had my mom tell me I do not sympathies or use sorry enough and so I try to find the perfect medium between what my mom feels I should do and over use the word to a point of it having no meaning and using the word so scarcely giving it a level of reserved respect along with the curse words.

The compromise I am thinking of reaching is that I will use sorry as much as I want and when I genuinely mean to apologize I will extend my sincere apologizes and have a reason to do so. This is primarily something I have to do with Justin my ex boyfriend but I think I like the idea enough to make it applicable to everyone.

Thank you for reading and learning about me. For all the “friends” I have that just do not want to read these they are missing out on a direct line into my thoughts and those of you who do read you may know way too much about me.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon I will be spending mine writing nano and a term paper and debating weather taking a nap or crying are acceptable things to do

Ave. Q

The higlight of y day was following through on a plan I had with my ex boyfriend Justin. We ahd said that we would go to the musical together and my least favorite part of people leaving my life is when we do not follow through on things that we had planned. So thank you Jusitn for at not breaking every part of my heart.

Avenue Q was really good it is a musical with puppets and when people say that it is like a sesame street for real life it’s a accurate account.

I know that i am writing this a bit late I was just at the show and then I walked Justin back to one of his friends rooms and then I did a film thing with my gorham groupies and now I am writning this post on Craig’s computer. I may go back and fix this post to make it better and all aroud a good post but the take away is I am busy as always. and spent the night with Justin and other friends.

The mornign was spent with my sigma sisters who did service by raking up around a pig rescue farm and then I spent hours in the library working on the soil project. I have only done 2K nano today s othat extra 4K that I want to do may not happen and tomorrow I need to write my term paper first draft but we will see what happens for now good night and good dreams.

Mockingjay a year away

I can tell you right now that there will be no spoilers in this post due to the fact that I have not seen the movie. This is not because I was unable to get tickets of find friends that wanted to go but rather because I do not want to see it. At least not yet.
For ever since the Harry Potter franchise made book seven into a two part movie (7 P1 and 7 P2) I rergretted paying for two movies and even worse I regretted waiting for a year in order to see the rest of the movie to see the ending.
So when Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn decided to do a two part thing as well to follow the footsteps of the highly successful Harry Potter move I had learned from my mistake. As a huge fan of Twilight (My phone for crying out loud is covered in a eclipse sticker) basically no one thought I would be able to wait the year in order to see all the movies together but I did it. So when “Breaking Dawn Pare 2” came out my mom took me out of school for most of the day and we watched twelve hours (because there were breaks for food and bathroom and trivia) of Twilight. Never before had I felt like I was in a placed I belonged. And I got to see a really good final chapter of one of a book to movie franchise that I really enjoyed.

I have not seen any of the hobbit movies and Until next time when the “Part 2” of Mocking jay comes out I will just have to wait. So this time next year be ready for a full out review of a very long movie and expect there to be a very good costume on my part. I hope that in a year I will still be doing this blog, I like to think with out a doubt that I will be but a lot can change in a year considering how much can change in just a few weeks.

NANO Goals: 15K this weekend

3K Tonight

Current count: 27852