Nailed it October

Greetings to all my fellow friends readers and well i think that would be everyone who is reading this. I have decided that even though I am super busy to a point of being nearly unable to do anything I will be doing NaNoWriMo and following Julia by writing a blog post every day of the month of November. This is going to be extremely hard to do while working to not fail any of my classes, working, having a boyfriend and being involved in like 10 clubs.

Yes you read that correctly I now have a boy friend it’s really cool he’s the boy that I have been mentioning for the past few weeks, the one that I met at drag ball is now my boyfriend. pictures will be arriving soon on that front.

I feel obligated to give you nail art even though i have not been doing anything all that intriguing or often, most of the time I do not photograph solid color and that is what I did this month so a few nail art pics and I will talk to you on Saturday day one on November.








Nikon 3-16 168

So that is all for now I guess hope that you are ready for a crazy and hopefully amazing month that is November about to begin.


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