Story Time; Super Hero Apparel

I have had such a busy week I am in over my head but this blog must go on so here is a post sorry it is coming at you latter than normal. If you want to know what’s been happening in my week I have been spending a ton (like as much of my free time as I can spare) with my cute boy that I met two weeks back at the drag ball. If anyone asks in the comments for his name I will tell you and start referring to him by name, but for now I will leave him his privacy. (Even though you said I could use your name I want to know that there is interest before I just give away your identity. (This is a side note for the person it concerns only.))

This week’s post is something that I have known I wanted to write about for months but I was waiting for October and if I don’t act fast I will have to wait a whole year before it becomes relevant again. It is breast cancer awareness month (October) and I have a cool story to tell, so grab a snuggie or a cup of tea or whatever cause its Rachel story time.

The first time I really noticed a women’s in comparison to mine I was nine years old. I remember this whole encounter very well for some reason; I was at six flags and with my mom and brothers. This group of teenage girls came out of a ride smiling with their perfectly straight nicely white teeth. One of them the point of the v formation that they were following was wearing a super tight superman baby T. I don’t know quite what it was about this blond girl but I turned to my mom and asked “Why don’t my clothes look that good on me?” pointing to the teenager.

My mom told me that she is older and my clothes look very good on me. But it didn’t make me feel any better about my flat chest. A part of my body I had never really spent any time thinking about. This is the first time I felt bad about my body, something I do not feel every day any more but I feel more than I would like. I do so much to keep my body looking and feeling good, between eating a healthy vegetarian diet, going to the gym twice a week and playing quidditch I am conferrable in my skin. That is not saying that I never eat a waffle or feel guilty when I skip the gym but I can wear what I want when I want and be only a little self-conscious.

So this story that was supposed to be about breast cancer awareness turned into a feel good about yourself story. No matter how you look OWN IT if you feel confident it will show and make you look better. Appreciate others for how they look but more so for whom they are. And do not compare yourself to others you only feel falsely better or much worse. (That last one I know I need to work on but I am still young)

10-20 041

So it’s not the same shirt but I like it, my modern twist to the beautiful blond girl that made a mark on my life. I hope to change a little girl’s life while wearing this and continue the cycle but I also hope that the little girl handles the revolution of a pretty girl in a tight fitting super hero shirt better than I did.


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