Single Life

I think this is a funny wording on the post because I will not be talking about relationships but instead living situations.

10-20 043

When you are used to living with a roommate and then have the opportunity to live in the same room all by yourself I recommend rearranging the future as a first thing.

Snapshot_20141018_3My work desk (with the chair) and my storage desk.

Take the beds and put them together to make an extra big bed! you will love the space!

Snapshot_20141018_2The biggest problem with this is your sheets will no longer fit the bed but #YOLO

About space I recommend sitting in it

10-20 037

After you realize it is not a comparable place to sit you can fill it with stuff like clothing and mirrors and your bass guitar ect.


If you come up with more things to do with a newly founded single leave them in the comments for now this is my advice talk to you on Thurday- Rachel

10-20 039


4 thoughts on “Single Life

  1. Hi Rachel, I love reading your posts, but it would make it more enjoyable if you used more punctuation. Just an idea. 🙂

    1. It’s funny you say that you are not the first person to mention it. In all honesty if you go back to the beginning it was really bad now I put in a little effort to capitalize the I’s and such but as much as I know I should use punctuation I use this as a place of free writing but for tonight’s post I will work off a word doc and it will be pretty and punctuated.

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