Sleeping Alone (Poem)

I think you are pretty caught up on my life right now because that is all I gave you on Monday next post will be more fun I promise.

If you go to URI and are a writer or like to listen to writers read their stuff my boy’s radio show starting this Saturday is all about spoken word and you should call in or listen or participate I have attached the flyer below. I will be reading one of my short stories so you should listen even if just for that.


So diving right in this is a poem I wrote very recently then lost and had to rewrite for the blog.

I call it Sleeping Alone 

I sleep on the edge

The same way I do when you are here

I wish you were here

You make sleeping so much easier

The warmth from your body

Combined with mine

Heating the sheets

Making me smile

The conversation we share

The sleep we will never get

I like it

I like you

It’s just hard when you are not here

I have to pretend you are here

I have to use an extra blanket

I have to listen to music

No matter what I do there is no substitute for having you here

In my bed

Where we can keep each other company

I think of you

Far away

All alone

In your bed

Sleeping on the opposite edge

Missing me

Pretending I was there too.

And that is just about it for now here is a throw back Thursday pic that i just found on the internet yesterday. So many good memories of girl scouts.

too cuteI am in the middle with the bandanna if you couldn’t tell.


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