Columbus day Weekend

So this being a holiday that I do not have to go to class for means I was able to work extra today so instead of 4 hours I did 6. I have decided to tell you all about my long weekend and then post other things on Thursday.

Friday after my film class that gets out at 6 pm I went to dinner and it was really easy to find a table because people had gone home for the long weekend. Then I went back to my room and watched some of the TV show Greek on Netflix (I have seen it before but totally a good one to re-watch.) A little after 8 I went up to the union alone to the drag ball where I not only had a great time watching the show but got to meet JujuBee (from Drag Race the TV show) and a really nice boy.


On Saturday quidditch practice got canceled and I went to 5 below and Moe’s and AC Mores where I bought a mason jar and a volly ball and some random other odds and ends. Also my accustic bass came in the mail


on Sunday I went for a run and later that day watched the movie Manhattan with the boy I met on Friday and can honestly say he introduced me to one of my favorite movies of all time.

and today I went into work even though I had only had a few hours of sleep due to staying up most of the night talking with my new boy. So now is homework time (AKA nap time) but just in case I do not wake up this post needed to happen so here is something small to tide you over. I hope your Columbus day weekend was as good as mine and for your sake more productive.


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