Look up Look down Perspective

This has been an overall tough week on me but I have decided that I want to be positive and keep the negativity  out of by blog as much as possible. (If you have been around a while you know that this has been going on since December and was largely a new years resolution. At the one year mark I want to go back and read through all of the stuff I have put on the blog to see how far I have come in my life.) This blog is a public journal a record of sorts to keep my life as I see it. As my roommate Miranda told me recently my grand children will be able to see this in 50 + years and be able to really see what my college experience was like. But that makes me think about how bias it is and how bad the original few months of posts were. At first I didn’t give two spits about spelling, grammer, or capitalization. Now (most of the time) I try a little bit to do things correctly. Last week there was a spelling error that was fairly embarrassing but luckily someone caught it early on so I could correct it.

I am adding three videos in about the technological age and it’s affect on us one of them you have most likely seen already so I will put it at the end.

So the take away that I get from this is found in balance and perspective. No stories are completely black or white there is always another side to it.

When I get advice that I may need but do not want it is easy to throw it all away and hate the person who dishes the advice out.

To some the advice giver may be seen as a bully

The advice giver sees them self as helpful

That is just three points in a conflict but it has so many more and because of the personal bias everyone casts on their side of the story it is really  hard to be caught somewhere in the middle and act objectively.

If you know me IRL and want to tell me something you should do it but if it upsets me to a point of tears you should back off. (That is a huge PSA for me but I want to extend it to most people because honestly if what you have to say is that upsetting the person is not ready to hear it; but you have introduced the new perspective and that is a job well done in it’s self.)

Thank you mom for taking this picture at the big E and sharing mac and cheese with me in the New Hampshire House

(Where this lovely pic was taken)

That is all I have for today Columbus day is the next time I will be writing to you guys please comment if you feel anything to the videos written portion or have ideas for things you want to see in the future.


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