Field Trip

Before I get to the title of the post I need to say that my first non vegan Monday in about 2 months was so nice I loved eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and not worrying about asking how things were prepaired and the ingredients of everything I put into my mouth. It’s not a practical thing for me to do at school I may pick it back up over the winter and summer breaks but at school I am miserable doing vegan. If you want to learn more about vegan lifestyles I recommend the documentary Vegucated it’s on Netflix.


As a trade-off for me no longer doing the vegan Mondays I will be doing a bonus post style thing on Mondays for at least as long as I was doing the vegan experiment. These will be how to’s, nail art is moving to Monday and just fun things that I feel are not good enough for thoughts on Thursday/ wordy Wednesday posts.  So now that I will have a twice a week blog there will be more Rachel available to the general public. Also if you want and have not yet I have a facebook page for this site and the more people that get on that the more interactive it  will become so please like it.

Now onto this week’s thought

As a college student it sometimes feels like every day is a sleepover and every meal is a playdate but really that is just what life is when you live on campus. It’s funny the way that so many things that were acceptable for children and then unpopular for middle and high schoolers are now cool in college. For example last year I was part of the pokemon league! I love geek life. (Like Greek life but less official and where all the nerdy kids who love harry potter, zombies, fandoms and what not find each other.) (I also love that I am part of Greek life and being able to have so many sisters of agriculture #professionalSorority)

Today I had a field trip the kind where instead of going to class we went to the woods and looked at wholes. This may not sound interesting because of the way I put it and if I were a literary genius like Julia Byers (aka check her out too she has a blog that inspires me all the time) this post could be about the way our word choice influences the emotion that we get from readers but it is not. I am an environmental science major so I have to take a class on soils and I kind of love it. I even went to the gift shop in the woods and got to take some  B horizon soil home.


If you are still in k-12 schooling enjoy it while you can those are the childhood days you get to look back on and reminis. If you are in college I know this is useless advice but be yourself and have fun follow your instincts dance like no one is watching even if the whole cafeteria is (and yes I have done that) go join a club you are only considering joining because you quitting is an option but only if you join.  Currently I am involved in more things than I can count takin 15 credits and working 12 hours a week I love my life I am writing this post in the radio station blasting Flaws by Basteill so loud I can barely hear myself scream the lyrics and I love it. If you are out of school I don’t really know what to tell you congradulations I guess but I don’t feel like I can give advice on a part of my life I have not lived. Be happy as much as you can that is all you can do and don’t worry about getting your hands dirty.

Snapshot_20141002_1soap was invented for a reason.


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