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Nailed it October

Greetings to all my fellow friends readers and well i think that would be everyone who is reading this. I have decided that even though I am super busy to a point of being nearly unable to do anything I will be doing NaNoWriMo and following Julia by writing a blog post every day of the month of November. This is going to be extremely hard to do while working to not fail any of my classes, working, having a boyfriend and being involved in like 10 clubs.

Yes you read that correctly I now have a boy friend it’s really cool he’s the boy that I have been mentioning for the past few weeks, the one that I met at drag ball is now my boyfriend. pictures will be arriving soon on that front.

I feel obligated to give you nail art even though i have not been doing anything all that intriguing or often, most of the time I do not photograph solid color and that is what I did this month so a few nail art pics and I will talk to you on Saturday day one on November.








Nikon 3-16 168

So that is all for now I guess hope that you are ready for a crazy and hopefully amazing month that is November about to begin.

Cuddle Puddle

So technically it is supposed to be a nail art day but I have not been doing much nail art so I am not going to put that up today.

Today I want to talk about the best way to stay warm (with out wearing pants)

It’s called a cuddle puddle

During a quidditch filled weekend there were a lot of injuries and a lot of cold people looking to keep warm so in a group effort we formed a three team cuddle puddle

10647238_10204982273818264_8849071491566535608_ni am the one with the brown hair in the top row on the left side.

Thank you to Clark and IPA for helping URI keep warm and thank you for all things quidditch that allow this to be a sport and place to make such close friends.


Story Time; Super Hero Apparel

I have had such a busy week I am in over my head but this blog must go on so here is a post sorry it is coming at you latter than normal. If you want to know what’s been happening in my week I have been spending a ton (like as much of my free time as I can spare) with my cute boy that I met two weeks back at the drag ball. If anyone asks in the comments for his name I will tell you and start referring to him by name, but for now I will leave him his privacy. (Even though you said I could use your name I want to know that there is interest before I just give away your identity. (This is a side note for the person it concerns only.))

This week’s post is something that I have known I wanted to write about for months but I was waiting for October and if I don’t act fast I will have to wait a whole year before it becomes relevant again. It is breast cancer awareness month (October) and I have a cool story to tell, so grab a snuggie or a cup of tea or whatever cause its Rachel story time.

The first time I really noticed a women’s in comparison to mine I was nine years old. I remember this whole encounter very well for some reason; I was at six flags and with my mom and brothers. This group of teenage girls came out of a ride smiling with their perfectly straight nicely white teeth. One of them the point of the v formation that they were following was wearing a super tight superman baby T. I don’t know quite what it was about this blond girl but I turned to my mom and asked “Why don’t my clothes look that good on me?” pointing to the teenager.

My mom told me that she is older and my clothes look very good on me. But it didn’t make me feel any better about my flat chest. A part of my body I had never really spent any time thinking about. This is the first time I felt bad about my body, something I do not feel every day any more but I feel more than I would like. I do so much to keep my body looking and feeling good, between eating a healthy vegetarian diet, going to the gym twice a week and playing quidditch I am conferrable in my skin. That is not saying that I never eat a waffle or feel guilty when I skip the gym but I can wear what I want when I want and be only a little self-conscious.

So this story that was supposed to be about breast cancer awareness turned into a feel good about yourself story. No matter how you look OWN IT if you feel confident it will show and make you look better. Appreciate others for how they look but more so for whom they are. And do not compare yourself to others you only feel falsely better or much worse. (That last one I know I need to work on but I am still young)

10-20 041

So it’s not the same shirt but I like it, my modern twist to the beautiful blond girl that made a mark on my life. I hope to change a little girl’s life while wearing this and continue the cycle but I also hope that the little girl handles the revolution of a pretty girl in a tight fitting super hero shirt better than I did.

Single Life

I think this is a funny wording on the post because I will not be talking about relationships but instead living situations.

10-20 043

When you are used to living with a roommate and then have the opportunity to live in the same room all by yourself I recommend rearranging the future as a first thing.

Snapshot_20141018_3My work desk (with the chair) and my storage desk.

Take the beds and put them together to make an extra big bed! you will love the space!

Snapshot_20141018_2The biggest problem with this is your sheets will no longer fit the bed but #YOLO

About space I recommend sitting in it

10-20 037

After you realize it is not a comparable place to sit you can fill it with stuff like clothing and mirrors and your bass guitar ect.


If you come up with more things to do with a newly founded single leave them in the comments for now this is my advice talk to you on Thurday- Rachel

10-20 039

Sleeping Alone (Poem)

I think you are pretty caught up on my life right now because that is all I gave you on Monday next post will be more fun I promise.

If you go to URI and are a writer or like to listen to writers read their stuff my boy’s radio show starting this Saturday is all about spoken word and you should call in or listen or participate I have attached the flyer below. I will be reading one of my short stories so you should listen even if just for that.


So diving right in this is a poem I wrote very recently then lost and had to rewrite for the blog.

I call it Sleeping Alone 

I sleep on the edge

The same way I do when you are here

I wish you were here

You make sleeping so much easier

The warmth from your body

Combined with mine

Heating the sheets

Making me smile

The conversation we share

The sleep we will never get

I like it

I like you

It’s just hard when you are not here

I have to pretend you are here

I have to use an extra blanket

I have to listen to music

No matter what I do there is no substitute for having you here

In my bed

Where we can keep each other company

I think of you

Far away

All alone

In your bed

Sleeping on the opposite edge

Missing me

Pretending I was there too.

And that is just about it for now here is a throw back Thursday pic that i just found on the internet yesterday. So many good memories of girl scouts.

too cuteI am in the middle with the bandanna if you couldn’t tell.

Columbus day Weekend

So this being a holiday that I do not have to go to class for means I was able to work extra today so instead of 4 hours I did 6. I have decided to tell you all about my long weekend and then post other things on Thursday.

Friday after my film class that gets out at 6 pm I went to dinner and it was really easy to find a table because people had gone home for the long weekend. Then I went back to my room and watched some of the TV show Greek on Netflix (I have seen it before but totally a good one to re-watch.) A little after 8 I went up to the union alone to the drag ball where I not only had a great time watching the show but got to meet JujuBee (from Drag Race the TV show) and a really nice boy.


On Saturday quidditch practice got canceled and I went to 5 below and Moe’s and AC Mores where I bought a mason jar and a volly ball and some random other odds and ends. Also my accustic bass came in the mail


on Sunday I went for a run and later that day watched the movie Manhattan with the boy I met on Friday and can honestly say he introduced me to one of my favorite movies of all time.

and today I went into work even though I had only had a few hours of sleep due to staying up most of the night talking with my new boy. So now is homework time (AKA nap time) but just in case I do not wake up this post needed to happen so here is something small to tide you over. I hope your Columbus day weekend was as good as mine and for your sake more productive.

Look up Look down Perspective

This has been an overall tough week on me but I have decided that I want to be positive and keep the negativity  out of by blog as much as possible. (If you have been around a while you know that this has been going on since December and was largely a new years resolution. At the one year mark I want to go back and read through all of the stuff I have put on the blog to see how far I have come in my life.) This blog is a public journal a record of sorts to keep my life as I see it. As my roommate Miranda told me recently my grand children will be able to see this in 50 + years and be able to really see what my college experience was like. But that makes me think about how bias it is and how bad the original few months of posts were. At first I didn’t give two spits about spelling, grammer, or capitalization. Now (most of the time) I try a little bit to do things correctly. Last week there was a spelling error that was fairly embarrassing but luckily someone caught it early on so I could correct it.

I am adding three videos in about the technological age and it’s affect on us one of them you have most likely seen already so I will put it at the end.

So the take away that I get from this is found in balance and perspective. No stories are completely black or white there is always another side to it.

When I get advice that I may need but do not want it is easy to throw it all away and hate the person who dishes the advice out.

To some the advice giver may be seen as a bully

The advice giver sees them self as helpful

That is just three points in a conflict but it has so many more and because of the personal bias everyone casts on their side of the story it is really  hard to be caught somewhere in the middle and act objectively.

If you know me IRL and want to tell me something you should do it but if it upsets me to a point of tears you should back off. (That is a huge PSA for me but I want to extend it to most people because honestly if what you have to say is that upsetting the person is not ready to hear it; but you have introduced the new perspective and that is a job well done in it’s self.)

Thank you mom for taking this picture at the big E and sharing mac and cheese with me in the New Hampshire House

(Where this lovely pic was taken)

That is all I have for today Columbus day is the next time I will be writing to you guys please comment if you feel anything to the videos written portion or have ideas for things you want to see in the future.

Earring Protection Program

I promised you guys I would do these as a substitute for vegan Mondays.

This week will be a how to on not stepping on earrings.

keep organized
keep organized

earing shoe 036

I am currently failing at the whole organization thing but I do keep most of my earrings on either the dangling picture frame with lace backing or studded circle.

Yet still i have pulled two studs out of my boots this last week (re-enactment)

earing shoe 037 earing shoe 038 earing shoe 040 earing shoe 042

Those earrings are now lost causes but I hope this post is a PSA to all of you out there who have not ruined countless pairs of earrings by having big feet.

That’s all for now talk to you more on Thursday. 🙂

Field Trip

Before I get to the title of the post I need to say that my first non vegan Monday in about 2 months was so nice I loved eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and not worrying about asking how things were prepaired and the ingredients of everything I put into my mouth. It’s not a practical thing for me to do at school I may pick it back up over the winter and summer breaks but at school I am miserable doing vegan. If you want to learn more about vegan lifestyles I recommend the documentary Vegucated it’s on Netflix.


As a trade-off for me no longer doing the vegan Mondays I will be doing a bonus post style thing on Mondays for at least as long as I was doing the vegan experiment. These will be how to’s, nail art is moving to Monday and just fun things that I feel are not good enough for thoughts on Thursday/ wordy Wednesday posts.  So now that I will have a twice a week blog there will be more Rachel available to the general public. Also if you want and have not yet I have a facebook page for this site and the more people that get on that the more interactive it  will become so please like it.

Now onto this week’s thought

As a college student it sometimes feels like every day is a sleepover and every meal is a playdate but really that is just what life is when you live on campus. It’s funny the way that so many things that were acceptable for children and then unpopular for middle and high schoolers are now cool in college. For example last year I was part of the pokemon league! I love geek life. (Like Greek life but less official and where all the nerdy kids who love harry potter, zombies, fandoms and what not find each other.) (I also love that I am part of Greek life and being able to have so many sisters of agriculture #professionalSorority)

Today I had a field trip the kind where instead of going to class we went to the woods and looked at wholes. This may not sound interesting because of the way I put it and if I were a literary genius like Julia Byers (aka check her out too she has a blog that inspires me all the time) this post could be about the way our word choice influences the emotion that we get from readers but it is not. I am an environmental science major so I have to take a class on soils and I kind of love it. I even went to the gift shop in the woods and got to take some  B horizon soil home.


If you are still in k-12 schooling enjoy it while you can those are the childhood days you get to look back on and reminis. If you are in college I know this is useless advice but be yourself and have fun follow your instincts dance like no one is watching even if the whole cafeteria is (and yes I have done that) go join a club you are only considering joining because you quitting is an option but only if you join.  Currently I am involved in more things than I can count takin 15 credits and working 12 hours a week I love my life I am writing this post in the radio station blasting Flaws by Basteill so loud I can barely hear myself scream the lyrics and I love it. If you are out of school I don’t really know what to tell you congradulations I guess but I don’t feel like I can give advice on a part of my life I have not lived. Be happy as much as you can that is all you can do and don’t worry about getting your hands dirty.

Snapshot_20141002_1soap was invented for a reason.