nailed it september

So because it is the end of the month (did it fly by for you or drag because mine seemed to do both depending on the time frame) I have some nail art for you. This is not going to be very impressive compared to the summer posts where all I did was go to work and sleep so my nails were manicured all the time but now with school work and everything else my nails are not as nice looking or done as often. for that I apologize.

I love working at school but it is not the same as working my summer job which i miss more that I should. Here is so few hours and so easy that it doesn’t feel like real work and because I have so few hours the paychecks (every other week) are basically spent before I get another one. But with out a doubt having the spending money is nice other wise I just would not go shopping at savers with my friends or get sorority zip up hoodies or farmers market food and so on.

The point of saying all that was the dish room destroys my hands and it’s discouraging to have to redo my nails all the time so I do them a lot less now only for special occasions and also I am really loving the simple looks with just a touch of glitter for detail so sorry for the less elaborate than usual nail post.



purp 2

gradient bl



dark pink

So i am going to go paint my nails right now and think about my life.

I want to put in a poll but don’t know how to so I will have to make all the decisions by myself.  I will no longer be doing vegan Mondays while at school because they are not productive and make me rather unhappy so when I go home we’ll see what happens but not here.

I may be redoing everything and reformat and do things on different days so this may be the last nail post for all i know my life is changing and it seems only fair for my blog to change with it otherwise I don’t think I will enjoy doing this for me or you guys.


farmers market food




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