Thoughts on Just Because

Just because you can

This is my 50th post WOO HOO YEAH ME!

If you are reading this that means that you are more fortunate than many people on the planet, think about it if you have access to internet then you have a leg up over people who want it but do not have access to the resource. This applies to everything as high class as mansions and new iPhone and as basic as clean water and three solid meals a day.

The thought for this week is so deeply rooted in what is complexly going on in my life but I will get to that in another post when I can clearly see what is going on. I have been getting very little sleep this week and wearing myself out. It feels like I can only keep up with everything if I get about 5 hours of sleep which scares me because nanowrimo is in less than two months and if I can barely handle what I am doing now adding fifty thousand words will only make the daily grind harder.

I love everything I do and continue to keep up with all of it because it is available to me. When is the  next time in my life that I will have this many opportunities to be involved? The thing I have to keep in mind is that this is an amazing part of my life but I have to love and enjoy it from multiple levels yes there is the here in now which means I should do what I can and live it up every moment but there is also the fact that I will look back on these years and they will be hopefully some of the best memories I have but only if I have a good overall experience. There are so many things I could do like pull all nighters but at what cost.

This is only a half baked thought so to make up for that I am going to include a poem i wrote over a year ago. Entitled Evolve

Day in day out

A repatitious pattern

Viewing the same faces

Some you love

Others you do not.

But then sometimes

It all gets to be too much

The tired farmiliars of good morning

Or hello feel worn out

Time to decide.

Make this more or leave it behind.


For anyone who didn’t see on face book part of the reason i have been getting almost no sleep soils and chemistry the two hardest classes i am taking this semester. (this was taken at like 5am so i was not necessarily pretty yet.)


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