I Saw a Cockroach

So this post is our of no where as you can tell it is not my regular posting day but it has been an eventful enough one that I feel the desire to do a quick something also I said I would post more and I plan on doing so.

Lets start from this morning- I woke up nice and early in an empty room to get to work where I cleaned dishes and used the pot sink for the first time. With about an hour left of work I was asked to clean the front conveyor belt and while doing so there was a little critter drowning in the discarded cereal and other liquid in the bottom tray. He (or she I am not qualified to figure out the gender of the bug in question) was not killed but yet moved to the trash.

A tangent story from this will come up some day and I will just have to quote back to this blurb about the sometime struggle to not kill things as a vegetarian leaning towards vegan also sometimes you just do not know what your food is cooked in which is where the real problem lies.

On that last note today being Monday is a vegan day for me so I have been hungry but living off of fruit veggies and carbs the only things I seem to be able to eat on Mondays.  If anyone has tips on how to pull off this vegan thing please tell me let me in on the secrete ways because I am definitely doing something wrong.

I had chemistry class today then after my bowl of spinach that I will refer to as lunch I skyped my mom for the first time ever because she is brand new to skype. It took me about a year to convince her to get one but I am really glad she broke down and got one we plan to video chat again on Thursday

I accidentally joined a club called slow foods that are all about organically grown food and healthy eating but also realized that I will have to drop out of either my a Capella troop or deactivate from my sorority; since the latter has far more repercussions I believe that even after putting in so much work towards being in this amazing start up singing group I will be giving up my spot for someone else to fill during the auditions that will be held next week.

Tonight Miranda the roommate that I finally do not have to refer to in future tense is getting a new video game so that is the exciting update in her life.

On Thursday I am going to post the books I read over the summer as well as the ten books that most effected my life that fb challenge that two people have already tagged me to do. So until Thursday keep reading living and being you also if you have a minute and want to hear what I am look up the band Said the Whale I am a bit obsessed right now here is one of my favorite of their songs.


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