Langue Curses and Other Words

Quick disclaimers I put this post together quickly because I have to go do the ice bucket challenge and WordPress is updated to something I am not familiar with.

Swear words
So I personally do not curse but that does not mean I do not write characters that never curse. I don’t have high expectations for this post I am tossing it together quickly and for that reason it’s a short lesson on writing that I am nowhere near qualified enough to write followed by chapter five of Collin and Jade.
There is a line in the movie Dear John where Amanda Siegfried explains that she curses in her head but not aloud and I agree with that I have the same feeling but not at all times. I like that without using them they have more power for the slight off chance when I do. So for me to curse you out means I am really really really angry.

At work I have people curse at me and coworkers all the time because they are drunk but I really dislike it when I hear children curse on the rides or just walking around or what not. We give the words we say power yet by saying them too often for anything from f you to I love you they start to loose meaning

When we as in people use our words too liberally they have no value quoting a lifehouse song “Talk is cheap give me your word you can keep”

Collin and Jade Chapter 5
I really hate that the Ultimate team has to share the quad with field hockey girls for practice. We are two very different sports. We are both super competitive and for some reason the coaches occasionally decide to make up warm up or even practice together. Today is one of those days which means I have to work extra hard to show them that Frisbee girls are just as good if not better than field hockey girls. Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new sport here, it used to be a club and this is the first year it stepped up to full on varsity level sport. There is a bunch of debate over whether or not it will stay sanctioned as a varsity or be dropped back down to club. I know that most of us want to keep it varsity and are willing to put in the extra effort to keep things the way they are. If we lose Frisbee field hockey will be the main fall sport along with cheerleading and fall soccer. (None of those even come close to what I have right now with Ultimate.)
To me it seems silly to have a sport where the dress code is a skirt. Don’t get me wrong I love skirts but not for working out and running around hunched over. Also field hockey sticks are designed in a ridiculous manner that make you hunch over to play, I am not trying to mess up my posture over a high school activity. Ultimate is a game that was designed to be not for competition but for activity and now it has become both. I love that anyone can play not well but they can play. Our whole lives Frisbees have been handed out as promotional advertisements and as children I saw my Frisbee as a disk of joy that I would play with my dog Maxwell, a white terrier breed. For hours on end playing disk fetch making both of us feel better after a long day of whatever. Maxwell died a few years ago and I took it pretty hard so my family decided not to get another dog. I miss it though the companionship that a dog gives you is nothing like what you find with people no matter how hard you look. And it was funny the way Maxwell who was a fairly small dog had the personality of a giant, he would walk around like he could concord the world even though he had no chance, he could sit inside a full sized Frisbee comfortably. I love that about dogs they have a personality and are always there for you. I wish my parents had gotten me another dog it would have helped me with the empty feeling in my heart not dig another one when sed new dog died. And I would have been in college when that happened, but life is the way it so I no longer have a dog. Life goes on.
“Do your warm up run and then get in a stretch circle. Today is a drill day so make sure to have a good warm up, we wouldn’t want anyone getting a self-inflicted injury from being careless.” Coach Kelly who runs field hockey is conducting the practice today.
I find Becca and we fall into a running pair side by side we go around the quad. We have to do a full lap at a speed we can both maintain and be able to have a conversation. The beginning of the year is always killer because over the summer everyone gets a bit lazy and stops running the way we should. But after the first week or two your body accepts the challenge and allows you to run without getting sour or wanting to collapse. This is week six, if you still struggle with the run you are just all together not cut out to be on varsity and should consider doing more personal work outs. There are a few girls who can barely keep up and I hate that they don’t get cut from the team. I work so hard to be a starter on an empressive ultimate team; a fifteen hour a week commitment at the least for me. These lazy few girls are only putting in the bare minimum six hours that make them weakest links. Between practice and the gym every day on top of games and then the occasional fundraisers my participation in Frisbee keeps me (and Becca) busy. It would be easier to just take a gym class but this is so much more rewarding.
“Becca I will need you to make sure I don’t hit one of these girls, if they down talk Ultimate I just might need to cut a bitch.”
“Can you clean up your mouth Jade, that langue could get you a yellow card, in the game.” Becca warns me.
“Pardon me but that’s the proper expression for the situation; and I know but I just relly hate having to share this precious time with those slu…” I catch myself from calling the field hockey girls sluts but that is how I see them bending over in their skirts putting on a spectator sport for all the guys around. That give me an idea “For school Halloween do you want to come in as slutty school girls, we can still wear our blazers. Just imagine fishnet high socks, a micro mini plaid skirt and overly tight button down. Pink tails for our hair we can even put in ribbons.”
“You go for it but I am not sure I have any of that because I would not be allowed to leave the house like a slutty school girl,” Bec says condescendingly “my mom would make me change.”
“It’s okay Becca you can borrow something I have and change in the car or the bathroom at school if you really needed to.” I am a bit bigger than Becca but there is stuff in my closet that I have out grown for sure. I hate going through my clothes to donate them to charity I feel like I am depleting my wardrobe even though I would only give away things I never wear because they no longer fit me.
“I’ll think about it, I wasn’t planning on going to school dressed up but if you come in as a slut and feel that it would be better if I do it with you…” Sigh. “Then I guess I will. Can I come over after practice and pick through your clothes?” after the sigh her voice is deeper weighted with defeat.
“Yeah that will be fine my mom can pick both of us up. I don’t know if she can drive you home afterwards though. I will have to ask before I can promise you that one.”
“Okay first water break we’ll both text home me about going to your house and you about getting me a ride home. We don’t live that far apart so I can totally walk if I have to. Wanna sprint to the finish line?”
It’s not really a question we both break out into a sprint and are the first two to finish the warm up run. We go to our water and secretly text home. Then join the circle that is loosely forming for stretch. Coach Kelly is in the middle yelling for the last few to finish up; sadly they are Frisbee girls at the end of the line.
“Girls let’s all work to be more like Jade and Becca, especially my girls. Let’s start with a bicep stretch left over right.” Coach Kelly is yelling the directions at everyone but she looks right at me.
At the end of stretch a free time water break is announced Becca goes to check her phone and I am going in the same direction when someone taps me on the shoulder. I jump from being startled at the unexpected contact. And spin around to see Coach Kelly standing in front of me.
“What do you want?” My voice does not come out as confidently as I would have liked it to. I have nothing to fear; Kelly is not actually my coach she is only running my practice because Coach Lexi is not here today.
“I just wanted to talk to you about field hockey I feel you could really improve our team and make your mother proud at the same time.” My mom used to play field hockey in school back when we had a winning team. Most people don’t realize that my mom was a star field hockey girl. There is a picture of the team in the trophy case because they won the championship two years in a row. The coaches know my mom she does a lot for me and the school but in no way is she disappointed in me playing Frisbee. “For next year you should really think about switching. It will look better on a college resume you know that right.”
“I know that I love Frisbee and there is very little I can take credit for that I am good at and enjoy so I don’t think I will.” I sharply snap at Coach Kelly. “But thanks about looking out for my best interests.”
“Please just think about it Jade we could use you. Go get some water and get ready to continue practice.” The way Coach Kelly says that makes me feel like she will make this an extra hard practice today, I might have messed it up but I will not be playing field hockey I would rather join ice hockey which is just as far out of my comfort zone.
“Sorry for most likely making practice torturous but when I tell you the details you will totally understand why I did it.” That is all I can tell her for now, the explanation will have to happen on the car ride to my house.
Let’s just say I was right about making today a ruff practice but in no way do I regret what I said. Standing up for myself was worth making the team do suicides, stairs, and constant movement catching drills. Tomorrow I will have to tell Lexi that Kelly was trying to requite me away from her; that should be the last time I hear about it.


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