Birthday Post

I celebrated my 19th birthday this week and it was truly wonderful!

A few days before when I requested the day before my birthday off of work it hit me that I would be getting older and that made me sad so I went for a run and felt a bit better. The part that hit me was I am running out of teen aged years to accomplish things as a teenager but I know that I have a lot of years left in my life to accomplish things. But just so I could say I did write a first draft of a novel as a teenager I finished Collin and Jade it’s 75000 words and took 9 months with lots of breaks because I really only wrote in November, April, June and July thank you to NaNoWriMo. I was able to finish the camp nano that I had not really thought I would be able to participate in by I managed to pull off 10000 words in thirty-one days but only taking advantage of the last eight days. So I am going to try to read through and edit it one chapter a day and get through the whole thing before November starts and I try to complete NaNoWriMo 2014 this time I already have an idea in mind so Miranda get ready for a couple of late nights and lots of me driving myself crazy (if you need proof of this happening ask Courtney or Abbie.)

This post though is going to be more about the last few days of celebration. On Monday I went to breakwater beach in seaside and spent all day going down waterslides with my lifelong friend Mary Grace. We brought lunch and had it on a bench out by where we parked the car. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, celery sticks and cashews because it was my third vegan Monday which if you were wondering I have been sticking to and rather enjoying as a weekly thing but it has not made me want to never eat eggs milk and all other animal products.

We walked the boardwalk and ate a funnel cake. She also gave me a cute as a button cupcake from the bakery she works at. We went by the jersey shore house and laughed that they give tours and allow people to take pictures of the duck phone. We went on some rides and just had a really nice day.

water park

Then on Tuesday I went to work wearing a tiara and was surrounded with sweet coworkers being a bit nicer to me and my manager also had his birthday so at first I was calling him my twinsie but then I realized he was right that we are not twinzies but rather birthday buddies. I was given a set of box tops from the Taiwanese coworkers which was the nicest thing because they knew I collect them to give to the elementary school because my mom still collects them.

I quickly checked face book and saw the nearly 80 happy birthday wishes from fb friends thank you to everyone who remembered and cared enough to comment. I had not had a fb birthday before this one so it meant the world to me that so many people cared enough to do a little and write happy birthday or more.

I got home to see my brother William had decorated the house for me and we went to Dim Sum my favorite Chinese food restaurant where I got vegetable dumplings and fried rice then we had cake.

???????????????????????????????Dad making an appearance on the left

We piled in the car and went home to open presents I got the laptop cooling pad I needed, an Alex and Ani bracelet, a frozen balloon, cup, pen set and stuffed animal Olaf that talks and finally a pair of heelies re-gifted from my other brother Armand. (Quick back story when I was in like fifth grade heelies were the coolest thing and like all the kids had them but my mom said no because they were not safe and as bad as wearing heals all the time so I never had a pair but then my brothers got them two years ago for Christmas and I was jealous so lucky me having the same shoe size as my brother when he was thirteen.)

So I had a truly wonderful birthday nineteen now it’s crazy how much I feel no different than last week but I now happily have a few more of the back to school things I needed and things I wanted but would not have bought for myself.






I got to cut the cake


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