Nailed it July

So this is the first time i am writing a post on wordpress but not publishing it immediately. so for those of you seeing this on Thursday the 31st or any date after that you I am just saying I made the post two days before on Tuesday because of my availability to the internet.  Nothing to really say this week so lets get to the nail art. As of right now on Tuesday I had not gotten any comments about the free snuggie raffle so that will not be happening though the one and only commenter Miranda has won a prize for being the most vocal reader.



piihWinnie the Pooh

bowforth of July

flagstars and stripes

dots I think these are one of my favorites

peace birdpeace and birds


bandana 2 bandanabandanna print for wild west at work

heroheros for the Iron Man 3 movie on the beach

orange flower

green lace red lace

Christmas in July red and green lace


bird shirt bird

based on the shirt I wore to six flags last week

daisyand my current design daisies.


If there is anything you want me to try leave it in the comments and please feel free to like the post as well as leave a comment I love feedback.





One thought on “Nailed it July

  1. I’m sorry that you aren’t getting more comments Rachel, your blog really is insightful and enjoyable to read!
    You can really tell throughout the blog how much you continue to improve on your nail art, everything looks so smooth and fluid!
    Have a good week!

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