Thoughts from Thursdays food

If someone were to ask you what your food was made of or where it comes from there is a good chance you could not answer those questions. I know that I can’t most of the time and that is so extremely sad because I am an eco-conscious vegetarian. At work I watch some of the boys cook sausage, steak sandwiches and hamburgers.

sausage everything-but-the-oink

There is also onion and pepper but think about it I can look at a bucket of chopped peppers and recognize their origin though I cannot tell you what country or state if they are form the US they were grown in.


As for the sausage and peperoni I cannot even tell you what animal that is the pig looks nothing like the meat it becomes. After five years of being a vegetarian and six months of transitioning by eating some fish (making me a peskitarian) I am deciding to wholeheartedly devote to meatless Monday vegan style.

meatless monday

So I am putting this out there on the blog to make it more real, my  mom already knows but I do most of the cooking for myself now and once I go back to school it should not be difficult. The only times I will struggle is when I eat out but luckily this is not a 365 days a year vow it is one seventh of the time just one day a week I should be able to take in all the nutrition I need from plants taking nothing from animals at all regardless of how they fit into the equation of my food.

I welcome anyone and everyone to join me how ever they feel is right for them but I understand if you feel you need to have meat on a daily basis. Either way thanks for reading


I got to wear a cowboy hat at work because it was wild west Wednesday at work. next week is Christmas in July so be ready for the cute Santa hat half way through the calender year.


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