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Nailed it July

So this is the first time i am writing a post on wordpress but not publishing it immediately. so for those of you seeing this on Thursday the 31st or any date after that you I am just saying I made the post two days before on Tuesday because of my availability to the internet.  Nothing to really say this week so lets get to the nail art. As of right now on Tuesday I had not gotten any comments about the free snuggie raffle so that will not be happening though the one and only commenter Miranda has won a prize for being the most vocal reader.



piihWinnie the Pooh

bowforth of July

flagstars and stripes

dots I think these are one of my favorites

peace birdpeace and birds


bandana 2 bandanabandanna print for wild west at work

heroheros for the Iron Man 3 movie on the beach

orange flower

green lace red lace

Christmas in July red and green lace


bird shirt bird

based on the shirt I wore to six flags last week

daisyand my current design daisies.


If there is anything you want me to try leave it in the comments and please feel free to like the post as well as leave a comment I love feedback.




Thoughts From Thursday: Value of a Dollar

Today was my day off which I very much needed, I went to the beach and got to go to Six Flags with my  mom brother and Aunt JoAnn’s Great grand niece Mickie. I get to go to six flags all the time because I am a season pass holder but because work is my life I haven’t been since I went with Craig a little over a month ago. I did not get to go on the new ride instead we did the small stuff skull mountain, the dark night and Daffy Duck seaport because Mickie is from New Mexico and this was her first time going to an amusement part we took it easy.

7-24 073

Basically this week I want to talk about the value of a dollar, How is it that where I work a slice of pizza and a Gatorade cost the same price, $3.48. To me that does not seem quite right especially when you think that a bottle of water is $3.21 the prices just don’t seem to add up. This has a lot to do with supply and demand.

So I am not going to do a great job with explaining this because I only have twenty minutes to write this before the library kicks me out and I only passed Econ because there was extra credit. But basically the prices of things are determined based on a bunch of factors including the amount of availability the supply and the number of people who are willing to pay the set price for the item or the demand. A great example of this is the snuggie a very american invention a blanket with sleeve holes so we can be warm and change the channel on the TV. At first the infomercial was selling them at ten dollars but if you call now you could get two for the price of one with a free book light. Over time there were less people who needed snuggies because so many had already been sold so they became 4-5 dollars in stores like CVS and five below. Now they are at the dollar general for only $3 but no one even wants it at that price. (I know my family of five owns 8 snuggies and only paid like $20 for them)(If you don’t have a snuggie yet break down and buy one, if I get a comment about this I will raffle a new snuggie off next week.)snuggie

Not my family but it might as well be with the number of snuggies on the couch

The basic idea of Supply and demand comes up in the Lorax movie where there is so much demand they run out of supply but make tons of money before that happens.

When something is priced too high weather because of tax (a negative subsidy) or just because it is higher than you are willing to spend you have become locked out of the market. If that happens because of tax there is a Dead Weight Loss which is the number of consumers that would have bought the item but will not now that there is a tax. I see this happen to people at work the french fries say $3.50 on the board but after tax they are $3.75 and I feel really bad sometimes bad enough to pay the difference making me a subsidy myself but I am getting off topic.

I bought a tank top at six flags off the clearance rack for five bucks (there was no tax on it) and that is the equivalent of me working my minimum wage job for about thirty five minutes and I know I will wear it more than that but is it worth it. I do not have an answer this is just how I think of my money now how long did it take me to earn enough to buy the item is it worth me spending blank amount of time standing around serving people fast food? Just something to think about with a quick Economics lesson tossed in there for free.


just got home from the beach wearing my new green lantern tank from the clearance rack

can you tell i am really happy?

Till next week I’ll be thinking of you 🙂 😛


Thoughts from Thursdays food

If someone were to ask you what your food was made of or where it comes from there is a good chance you could not answer those questions. I know that I can’t most of the time and that is so extremely sad because I am an eco-conscious vegetarian. At work I watch some of the boys cook sausage, steak sandwiches and hamburgers.

sausage everything-but-the-oink

There is also onion and pepper but think about it I can look at a bucket of chopped peppers and recognize their origin though I cannot tell you what country or state if they are form the US they were grown in.


As for the sausage and peperoni I cannot even tell you what animal that is the pig looks nothing like the meat it becomes. After five years of being a vegetarian and six months of transitioning by eating some fish (making me a peskitarian) I am deciding to wholeheartedly devote to meatless Monday vegan style.

meatless monday

So I am putting this out there on the blog to make it more real, my  mom already knows but I do most of the cooking for myself now and once I go back to school it should not be difficult. The only times I will struggle is when I eat out but luckily this is not a 365 days a year vow it is one seventh of the time just one day a week I should be able to take in all the nutrition I need from plants taking nothing from animals at all regardless of how they fit into the equation of my food.

I welcome anyone and everyone to join me how ever they feel is right for them but I understand if you feel you need to have meat on a daily basis. Either way thanks for reading


I got to wear a cowboy hat at work because it was wild west Wednesday at work. next week is Christmas in July so be ready for the cute Santa hat half way through the calender year.

duel post

This week you are getting two stories the second half of the forth of July freedom story about Freda and a paragraph long story about the funniest thing that happened to me this week. so let’s start with the later.
The funniest thing happened this morning a telemarketer called about the families’ windows computer in the morning with a really weak connection so my mom who picked it up just hung up the phone. They called back a few hours later and I got the phone because my mom was upstairs. So I was trying to interact with the women who had a heavy Indian accent who then connected me to a man because I wanted to figure out what they wanted but wasn’t getting anywhere with her. The man very quickly told me that I needed to give the phone to an adult upon where I told him I was an adult so he could talk to me. He asked how old I was and I said 18 he told me he needed to talk to someone 25+. So I told him in that case I am hanging up. And I did just that. less than a minute later he calls back but my mom gets the phone and he says “B!^$# how dare you hang up on me” and my mom very professionally tells him that you cannot talk like that, she was not even on the phone earlier and I need she needs to report him that should have been recorded. There are a few more curses from the man and then he puts her on hold that does not connect so the phone goes back on the receiver and we proceeded with our day. The people in this world it’s crazy the little things that happen so that was just a pretty interesting interaction that I wanted to tell you guys about. Also this shows why my mom rocks!

Freedom Part 2.
I wake up not to the sun peeking through my window but my mom shaking me to say I have slept in late enough. I look at the circular clock that hangs on my wall; its arms point to the nine and in between the ten and eleven meaning its eleven forty-five. Normally I won’t sleep past nine but I guess with all the excitement I did have a hard time falling asleep. The first round of relatives normally show up around one or one thirty then everyone gets here between then and three, guests that do not sleep over will leave around six or seven so they can see the fireworks on their home territory.
I know what I am wearing it’s a tank top that is red and white stripes with blue star studded straps. And plaid shorts that are the same color scheme. It is not sunny but it is not raining so the weather may be alright as long as a storm doesn’t come through and mess with the barbeque.
I’ve just gotten out of the shower and dressed when the phone rings, its aunt Margie saying the rain is torrential where they are and they do not think they will be coming out. I hate to think that my favorite aunt, mother of the fun cousins that though older than me are super cool and fun and enjoy hanging out with me will not be here today. The worst part is that if she is not coming who else may not show up. I have to keep doing what I would on a normal day so I go to the kitchen to get breakfast or maybe brunch at this late hour. There are cut fruit platters with Maria my sister standing at the cutting board prepping.
“Can I have some of the watermelon basil for breakfast?” I ask her.
Without looking up she replies “Sure take what you want the food is for everyone but I don’t know if anyone will be here at all, mom told me about Margie. It’s a shame but there are others that were supposed to be here they still could show there is another hour or so before we would start to get them so don’t give up.”
I eat in the kitchen on the island watching my sister roll cold cuts and put toothpicks in cheese. A few more phone calls come in and the family one by one cancels. The rain comes down hard and heavy with thunder and lightning canceling all the fireworks and leaving my corner of the world empty me crying to match the rain. I am upset enough to throw a tantrum but decide against it instead I scream into a pillow. And cry myself to sleep.
I wake up for dinner which is the food I ate for breakfast and the Hors d’oeuvres that were made for guests that will never get to enjoy them. I don’t talk to my family just eat and then return to my room to sleep some more.
I wake up early the next day my birthday thinking that yesterday the disaster was to work out all the kinks and now the future will be better I grab a dark blue halter top dress and bring it to the bathroom after my shower I blow out my hair and put on the dress. Downstairs there is a buffet style lay out of breakfast foods, muffins pancakes, fruit and OJ. My mom is standing at the end of the counter with a tiara. “Happy birthday Freda.” She places the silver tiara on my head with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Around one dad fires up the grill saying we have so much meat from what should have been a party yesterday may as well use it. And by the time the first burgers come off the grill there is a knock on the door. It’s Aunt Margie with her three kids and husband Uncle George. “We come baring gifts for our birthday niece.”
I am so shocked that when I turn around to tell the family who is here they just shout surprise and more relatives file in from the back yard. I am speechless but a tear of happy joy comes out of my eye. The day continues to be beautiful the weather is nice at night time there are fireworks to make up for the ones that should have gone off yesterday and there are the small fireworks and sparklers me and Maria got for us to use. the fifth of July 2014 was better than any of them in previous years. My gifts vary form stuff I will need for school to lotto tickets. I won $25 in a scratch off but the best part is the pictures that now plaster my Facebook wall especially the replication one of me with a sparkler and huge smile that is now my profile pic. I love summer and July and the life that I have been given in this sad messy world there is still sparks of wonderful that is what I will have to live for.

I know there is more I want to do but after forcing myself to write the second half of the story I have learned my lesson do not promise you stories in parts unless they are already written. I hope to be seeing one or many of my friends that I have not seen in at least a few months in the next week so if that happens there will be pictures with me and them, shout outs and such so be camera ready when you see me.
Till next week stay cool, wear sun screen and sunglasses!

nikon 6-13 014

Freedom Post

This week has been far less eventful than the last one which I am very happy to report. By far the most interesting thing I did was go to the Morrow Memorial Church Turnover sale and buy a ton of stuff for under $50. Here is a picture of the clothing I got. (2 pairs of boots, 2 dresses, 6 shirts, four pairs of shorts, 3 skirts, yarn a back pack, britta filter, shower curtain, a towel and some junky jewelry)


Let me just apologize in advanced about any glitchyness on this post because wordpress looks different from my end there has been an update so I am going to try to do this in the way that will best work for me and look correct for you the wonderful reader.

I am loving the book I am reading the second Divergent book Insergent but I think that is because I miss reading so the book could be anything.

I signed up to do camp Nano but do not think I will be seriously competing this month thought it would be wonderful to have Collin and Jade get wrapped up this summer so I can be ready for the next novel in November. (Miranda I want to thank you in advanced for agreeing to live with me, November is going to be a crazy time for both of us but mostly me who may just make your life a little hectic.) 


This week The bulk of the post is going to be deadicated to tomorrow Fourth of July, this is a short story in two parts so here is part one part two will be coming out next week. Freeda for Life. a working title. 

This year’s Fourth of July that is going to be better than any one that I have ever experienced before. For starters Independence Day is my favorite holiday, for a variety of reasons mainly being that it is the eve of my birthday and it is a day of excitement for not just me but an entire country. There are fireworks and the whole day is just a summertime celebration. When I was younger I liked to believe that the fireworks were for me like some sort of early birthday gift given to me by the town. Like I was so important that I got two days of party back to back the first one had red white and blue decoration and the second day leaving up only the red décor that I like the most. There are sparklers and glow sticks and the best family barbeques all around town-though I can only confirm the barbeques held in my back yard to be especially wonderful. The back yard is big with my father on a Forman grill and so much grilled food it leaves me feeling like a glutton. I eat so much food the burgers, corn and shishcabob that by dessert I feel too full to take another bite but the indulgence is part of what makes the day so spectacular.

The problem is that as we grow older it becomes harder and harder to be impressed. Almost all of the wonder leaves the world and is replaced with logic and hardship of reality and adult responsibilities. For me it feels like the raw amazement in everything was removed the year that New Jersey made fireworks and sparklers illegal. I was eight and now in just a few days’ time I will be turning eighteen and the sad thing is that in the last ten years I feel like I have lost almost all of my happiness. The little girl in pictures physically resembles me but that person has a whole different spirit than the current me who holds those polaroid photographs longing to be more like the free little girl grinning face up eyes closed in the sand at the beach off route 35. The bottom white stub of my favorite picture has the words “Freda summer 2004” in my mother’s black scrapbooking gel pen.

I have asked my mom what makes me so different from her the perfect pale skinned dark haired angle that has a glowing smile and not a care in the world. I never like her response “Freda you know what happened, you opened your eyes in search for the truth; and the answers you found made the light in your get used up on illuminating the bad in the world. So much is beyond your ability to control but by learning you grew up and turned out to be a charming young lady.” And over the years young lady became young women and more than anything I wish I could have kept my eyes closed to the less desirable parts of the planet that I was blessed enough to land on.

Like I was saying before I got sidetracked by my baby pictures and walk down memory lane I am almost eighteen, that magical year that is supposed to open so many doors. The legal jumping point into full on adult, even though the drinking age is twenty one and you are really only one day wiser than you were at seventeen there is supposed to be some profound difference but I don’t really think that there is. So this year is technically my last childhood Fourth of July, I want it to be the best one ever, the only problem is that accomplishing such a feet is going to be nearly impossible.

I know my sister has planned out as much as she can to make this more than just a red white and blue day to remember. We had to cross state lines to buy fireworks and sparklers it was a fun day trip. The sort of daycation that makes me glad to have an older sister with a jeep. I don’t have a car and that is largely because I do not want one, it is so expensive and seems to be more of a hustle than it is worth so I do not even have my license. I will get a DMV issued identification card so I will be able to prove I am an adult, it looks just like a license but it does not allow me to drive.  Some kids may want to buy cigarettes or lotto tickets on their birthday but I want to light off a few sparklers and have fun watching the light distract me from all the light pollution that there is in the world and see something so simple as beautiful instead of dumbing. With each spark running away to its short coming death I will be able to smile at the beautiful fun toy do its thing.

At the supermarket on the third the parking lot is so cull me and Stacey have to drive around for then minutes looking for a spot and the one we finally get is not even close to the entrance. Dad sent us to pick up the fruit and other supplies that he needs for tomorrow. So we start by finding watermelon, the good ones of them go leaving only the bruised sad fruit behind. After that we get little patriotic squires for shishcabob, a package of black bean veggie burgers for the off chance that one of the relitives has decided to stop eating animals. And finally cupcakes two dozen half chocolate have vanilla ll topped with swirling red white and blue icing and a little ring with a waving flag.

When I go to sleep I feel pretty good about the next days to come, my childish room right above the dining room that is decorated with red cray paper for the double days of celebration. I love going to sleep on the third it leaves me feeling so hopeful for the days to come.  I drift off into a sleep smiling and wake up with the same smile still on my face.

The first thing I say to myself on the morning of the fourth, still lying in bed, “It’s gonna be a good day!”

So next week I will give you the rest of this story the good part, the part about the days we celebrate. Till then feel free to comment or not, keep reading and stay safe, and wonderful as always.


The picture that should be here is me and Dienie at the library she is one of my best friends sister and all three of us me Dienie and her sister Elsie work on the boardwalk.