nail art posted after a hectic week

I feel like these blog posts always tend to be dramatic either so much happened this week or nothing much happened this week but honestly neither are all that true. I am fairly sure every week has just about the same amount of action over the seven day period but I do not write a post over seven days I get an idea that festers and leads to a rant-y type post or I have the type of week where “Nothing much happened” that leads to only a small bit of weekly update followed by a chapter of Collin and Jade or another piece that has been previously written.

I can honestly say that this week did have a lot happening, more than a normal week. In chronological order, I got my first pay check, deposited the paycheck in the bank, trained a girl at work, burned my hand on hot cheese, was given a miracle burn cream (like the stuff in hunger games than both numbed and kept the burn from worsening so my hand looks and feels fine when I woke up the next morning!!! AMAZING) worked 51 hours had my last living grandmother pass away fell off my bike and attended her funeral.

I want to stay positive especially for my online persona 😀 but it has been a bit crazy this week which makes me very grateful for both work and book on tapes also the whole disconnecting from the internet thing. All the distractions from the real problem which I am not quite ready to think about. So right now I am listening to Code Name Verity on my computer and Bitterblue on the way to and from work.

I am wearing one of my grandmother (mema)’s earrings in my cartilage. She lost one of them so it is a lone earing and it looks and feels so good in my ear so I will be wearing it most of the time for a long time just to have a piece of her with me. I can’t say that I remember the last thing she said to me because when I moved into school she moved into a home in California. I don’t feel conferrable getting into my family’s circumstances but it had been about 9 months and I will never see her body lively again.

I get to speak at the burial today and have a good idea of what I want to say, but enough about me on to the fun part. Nail art time.



book con nails



my girl scout gold award nails


For the opening day of The Fault in Our Stars I wend all out on theses simple TFiOS nails.




I love the way these turned out so professional looking






Little mermaid inspired




I think that is all of them but i had a lot this month because work destroys them and that leads to painting them more often so this is my post no me picture this week, there will be something next Thursday Thanks for Reading!




One thought on “nail art posted after a hectic week

  1. Hey Rachel! Hope you’re doing okay, I’m sorry that your grandmother passed away. 😦

    I know that you are busy, but since you love your nail art so much you should check out:

    Reddit is a forum website with different subreddits that have posts about different subjects, this one, RedditLaqueristas, happens to be nail art and made me think of you, I’m sure the people there would love to see yours!

    Hope work is going well for you!

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