blogging from cool places

As you can see from the last mini post I now have a job. I am working at the Jenkinsons Pavilion in Point Pleasant so if you are down to the beach for a day and want to see me just come in I am working most of the time and I would love to see a familiar face or a reader that gives me a heads up.

Currently I am writing out of this really cool café close to my house that I have not been to since hurricane Sandy so basically forever. It has changed names to luk local urban kitchen and I really like it here they give out water in mason jars with a lemon wedge and I have a granola bar for breakfast. This is so much better than McDonalds.

You may be wondering why the font changed and that is because I tried to write the post yesterday so the regular font is yesterday’s stuff and the current writing is bold.

Tuesday night was the season finale of Awkward and I found it a bit surprising so I am trying to not put out any spoilers I also do not know if any of you watch it but shout out to future roommate Miranda you will be watching it next semester at least the first two seasons because I own them.

I want to place a piece of the first nanowrimo I attempted November 2012 “This was a new beginning for us since we had both requested to work the new location and were relocated for the opening day. This may sound like an honor but it is not, opening day is a madhouse and at the end of a long eight plus hour shift there is a messy store that needs to be cleaned and restocked before employees can go home.” I wrote that before I had ever worked a real job for even a day so at this point I feel like I was partially correct but largely not.

Posting is not an easy task for me at the time I have to either have to go to the library or McDonalds. So I am keeping it short, I wrote this yesterday so can just put it up for anyone who wants it tomorrow.

I could give you a chapter but I don’t really feel like it so this is it for today short and sweet a catch up on my life and a quote from something I wrote over a year ago.

The best part of work is the people there are the cool ones i get to work with from Slavicia as well as some Americans but I also get to see the people that come in so that is pretty cool even when they are a little less than happy at the prices of food or how long the order is taking to make. I will stay for the people. At some point i will put up a picture of me and one of my co workers who looks like Julia but with black hair. 


If things are not going your way just keep moving forward and remember, Every cloud has a silver lining. (My two favorite quotes mashed together.)


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