Moving To Thursdays

I have a lot I want to talk about in this post even though I am never sure if any one reads because I almost never get comments and that makes doing this a little hard. See I started my blog to mirror Julia the writer girl’s blog. Now that I have met her I realize that Julia is amazing and inspirational but at the same time she is doing all of her writing for better reasons than me. She wants to get published and become an author. I do not see that as something I want to do though I do enjoy writing I need to do this for me. My favorite posts are almost always the nail art ones but that is not really what I started out to do. I enjoy writing but to make this more about me I am thinking of no longer posting weekly on Wednesday. Now if anyone is reading this and freaking out please don’t I just want to move the weekly post to Thursday and call them thoughts from Thursdays.

This is going to be the first thoughts from Thursdays and hopefully I will stick to this idea. I like the thought of it but things may change again, if I plan to do things differently I will give you guys a warning.

Now you may have noticed that this post looks more grammatically correct than most of them for example I am actually capitalizing things the way they should be. If you noticed I thank you and would love for you to comment that or tell me in person. I am doing this for a few reasons partially because one of my previous roommates has a hard time reading my blog because of the grammar and punctuation being so poor, it bothers her so I am resolving to from this point on I will type out my post in its entirety in a word document that capitalizes for me instead of typing straight into wordpress that does not care if I capitalize things after periods or the letter I when it’s all alone.

Roommate you know which one I am talking about and I need to wish both of my roommates birthday wishes one of them had a birthday yesterday and on the same day it was the other one’s half birthday. How crazy is it that they were born 6 months apart and will be roommates next year as well.

Okay so now onto the bulk of the post. For about a week now I have been thinking a lot about ownership and privacy when it comes to the internet. One of my friends mentioned that she no longer wants to put photos on face book because once you upload things they no longer belong to you. Face book is not the only site that owns your work after you have put it online, another example is google docs. The amount of information that we give away and gets sold and spread is ridiculous. The movie Terms and Conditions May Apply is on Netflix and is a very good hour and twenty minute long documentary about well exactly what is sounds like. The scary thing is how much the world is turning into dystopian future but the scary thing is that we do these things to ourselves. By clicking that little box that says I approve allows online companies so much access into our lives and we do not even know what they say. Watch the movie if you can and be careful.

As much as I want to avoid the internet, I do not think I can. At this point in my life I am not as addicted to my technology as many because my phone is not smart and I do not have a tablet. Though because I have a twitter, facebook, pintrest, wordpress, multiple email accounts and amazon I no longer have the opportunity to not be online. I think I may want o do a week where I unplug from everything. I will first need a job but I will tell you guys when I am doing it because it will be no computer, very little phone use only calls and hopefully no TV or at least less than an hour a day. I want to do this and have others join me because I think it’s an interesting thing and would be good for me and everyone else who is participating.

I could go on but I think this is enough for now I have typed away and hope to have comments. I will post next Wednesday saying that I am moving to Thursdays so keep reading, keep writing, don’t forget to be awesome and have a wonderful week.


If you thought I was exaggerating about my phone well I wasn’t here is the old one and the exact same one but not not broken that I refer to as the new one. 


2 thoughts on “Moving To Thursdays

  1. Rachel!
    When I first read that “this may very well be my last Wednesday post for a long time” I was like “What?? Noooo!”
    I love reading your blog, I check it out every time you make a new post. So Wednesday or Thursday, doesn’t matter to me, but keep on writing, ’cause you’re talented. 🙂
    The only reason that I don’t always comment is because I figured that it would be annoying of me to comment on every single post you put up.
    So I will continue reading (and if it makes you feel better, commenting on) your blog, don’t worry, you will always have at least one subscriber.
    Hope things are going well!

  2. Whenever you want to post is good with me. 🙂 And honestly, writing for yourself is a much better reason than writing for publication! The fact that you’re willing to put so much time and energy into something for yourself is brave.

    I get the people not commenting thing making blogging hard. The best thing you can do, though, is keep pushing through. Eventually your readers will comment more!

    Also: I totally support the idea of disconnecting for a week. I try to do that every once in a while, and it’s so freeing. 🙂 Good luck!

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