okay so if you know me or have been reading this blog you know how excited i was for bookcon because i would get to meet Julia the writer girl. and she was so nice and cool and made my day. so i will go over the thing i did in bookcon as a bullet point format and then i have the Liebster Award to answer because julia sort of kind of nominated me so i want to do that too. 

okay so i got into the city very early (we took the 6:55 train) to get in line to pick up my pass and then get in line to get autographing tickets but they ran out before i got them so i then waited in another line to enter the floor when it opened. i met some cool girls in that line, Annabell and Annalease. they are nerdfighters and were there to see john green but i knew they were really cool because me and Annalease were wearing Hogwarts shirts mine was grey and hers was white but same design. i had been separated from my friend lily who i went with but she found me from my laugh so that was cool.

when i got into the Javits center me and lily went around and got free books i got 13 books 3 totes and a few other things through out the day such as a tee shirt and some book prevews and comic books so all the free stuff i was very successful. Image

i had planed to meet Julia at 10:30am but i saw her befor that and screamed with excitment and we hugged and then she was like “hey rachel i am on the phone so just a second” and so i happily just stared at her while she was talking to her mom and then i followed her to meet her mom who is also really nice. we got a professional picture taken together wearing the matching strawberry hats i made for us. so glad hers fit and she liked it. i love julia and i hope that everyone who finds her does too because she is a great writer and deserves to get published. Image

okay so after all that Julia stuff i went to the line to see Amy Pohler and met some people in that line one of which worked at the Huffington post which is pretty cool. Amy was so funny promoting her book Yes Please that is coming out in the fall. Image

From there i got into the cluster that was forming for the john green The Fault in Our Stars panel (TFiOS) but i decided i would rather go it the children authors panel which had the guy who wrote Persey Jackson, the women who wrote dork diaries as well as James Patterson and Lemony Snicket. Lemony was hilarious because he talks in a monotone and if you thought the series of unfortunate events was funny or just generally enjoyed it you would have enjoyed him as a person. Image

when i got out of that i realized there was no way i could see john green which was okay because i could go to the dystopian panel with the girls i met in the children panel funny story about them the one that really clicked with me largely because we sat next to each other is a 12 year old Lola from NY and she was really cool we are emailing now and so she wrote hers down on a piece of paper for me but i wrote mine on a pin that says “MY BOOK BOYFRIEND IS FINNICK” because i had to write a character in in sharpie to get the pin but i knew i wanted her to not loose my email more than i wanted the silly pin. so shout out to lola and the rest of her group that i met you guys are great if you blog i hope you tell me and ps to them i plan on reading the legend series i have the first book on request at the library.

okay so yes i got to see Veronica Roth host a Q&A with some other YA Dystopian writers and that was cool then i left erarly to meet up with lily and get back to the train so we could get home, while leaving saw julia and her mom and got a goodbye hug and that was book con sorry that was so long. 

so that was longer than i had originally expected but there was a lot i wanted to say sorry i do not have more pictures but i put in what i had. i will do the other thing as a separate post today because this is long enough.

Thanks for reading



One thought on “BookCon

  1. Thanks so much for hanging out with me at BookCon! It was really cool getting to meet you. 🙂 I’m glad you had a good time and SO JEALOUS you got to see Amy Poehler!

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