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nail art posted after a hectic week

I feel like these blog posts always tend to be dramatic either so much happened this week or nothing much happened this week but honestly neither are all that true. I am fairly sure every week has just about the same amount of action over the seven day period but I do not write a post over seven days I get an idea that festers and leads to a rant-y type post or I have the type of week where “Nothing much happened” that leads to only a small bit of weekly update followed by a chapter of Collin and Jade or another piece that has been previously written.

I can honestly say that this week did have a lot happening, more than a normal week. In chronological order, I got my first pay check, deposited the paycheck in the bank, trained a girl at work, burned my hand on hot cheese, was given a miracle burn cream (like the stuff in hunger games than both numbed and kept the burn from worsening so my hand looks and feels fine when I woke up the next morning!!! AMAZING) worked 51 hours had my last living grandmother pass away fell off my bike and attended her funeral.

I want to stay positive especially for my online persona 😀 but it has been a bit crazy this week which makes me very grateful for both work and book on tapes also the whole disconnecting from the internet thing. All the distractions from the real problem which I am not quite ready to think about. So right now I am listening to Code Name Verity on my computer and Bitterblue on the way to and from work.

I am wearing one of my grandmother (mema)’s earrings in my cartilage. She lost one of them so it is a lone earing and it looks and feels so good in my ear so I will be wearing it most of the time for a long time just to have a piece of her with me. I can’t say that I remember the last thing she said to me because when I moved into school she moved into a home in California. I don’t feel conferrable getting into my family’s circumstances but it had been about 9 months and I will never see her body lively again.

I get to speak at the burial today and have a good idea of what I want to say, but enough about me on to the fun part. Nail art time.



book con nails



my girl scout gold award nails


For the opening day of The Fault in Our Stars I wend all out on theses simple TFiOS nails.




I love the way these turned out so professional looking






Little mermaid inspired




I think that is all of them but i had a lot this month because work destroys them and that leads to painting them more often so this is my post no me picture this week, there will be something next Thursday Thanks for Reading!



blogging from cool places

As you can see from the last mini post I now have a job. I am working at the Jenkinsons Pavilion in Point Pleasant so if you are down to the beach for a day and want to see me just come in I am working most of the time and I would love to see a familiar face or a reader that gives me a heads up.

Currently I am writing out of this really cool café close to my house that I have not been to since hurricane Sandy so basically forever. It has changed names to luk local urban kitchen and I really like it here they give out water in mason jars with a lemon wedge and I have a granola bar for breakfast. This is so much better than McDonalds.

You may be wondering why the font changed and that is because I tried to write the post yesterday so the regular font is yesterday’s stuff and the current writing is bold.

Tuesday night was the season finale of Awkward and I found it a bit surprising so I am trying to not put out any spoilers I also do not know if any of you watch it but shout out to future roommate Miranda you will be watching it next semester at least the first two seasons because I own them.

I want to place a piece of the first nanowrimo I attempted November 2012 “This was a new beginning for us since we had both requested to work the new location and were relocated for the opening day. This may sound like an honor but it is not, opening day is a madhouse and at the end of a long eight plus hour shift there is a messy store that needs to be cleaned and restocked before employees can go home.” I wrote that before I had ever worked a real job for even a day so at this point I feel like I was partially correct but largely not.

Posting is not an easy task for me at the time I have to either have to go to the library or McDonalds. So I am keeping it short, I wrote this yesterday so can just put it up for anyone who wants it tomorrow.

I could give you a chapter but I don’t really feel like it so this is it for today short and sweet a catch up on my life and a quote from something I wrote over a year ago.

The best part of work is the people there are the cool ones i get to work with from Slavicia as well as some Americans but I also get to see the people that come in so that is pretty cool even when they are a little less than happy at the prices of food or how long the order is taking to make. I will stay for the people. At some point i will put up a picture of me and one of my co workers who looks like Julia but with black hair. 


If things are not going your way just keep moving forward and remember, Every cloud has a silver lining. (My two favorite quotes mashed together.)

Moving To Thursdays

I have a lot I want to talk about in this post even though I am never sure if any one reads because I almost never get comments and that makes doing this a little hard. See I started my blog to mirror Julia the writer girl’s blog. Now that I have met her I realize that Julia is amazing and inspirational but at the same time she is doing all of her writing for better reasons than me. She wants to get published and become an author. I do not see that as something I want to do though I do enjoy writing I need to do this for me. My favorite posts are almost always the nail art ones but that is not really what I started out to do. I enjoy writing but to make this more about me I am thinking of no longer posting weekly on Wednesday. Now if anyone is reading this and freaking out please don’t I just want to move the weekly post to Thursday and call them thoughts from Thursdays.

This is going to be the first thoughts from Thursdays and hopefully I will stick to this idea. I like the thought of it but things may change again, if I plan to do things differently I will give you guys a warning.

Now you may have noticed that this post looks more grammatically correct than most of them for example I am actually capitalizing things the way they should be. If you noticed I thank you and would love for you to comment that or tell me in person. I am doing this for a few reasons partially because one of my previous roommates has a hard time reading my blog because of the grammar and punctuation being so poor, it bothers her so I am resolving to from this point on I will type out my post in its entirety in a word document that capitalizes for me instead of typing straight into wordpress that does not care if I capitalize things after periods or the letter I when it’s all alone.

Roommate you know which one I am talking about and I need to wish both of my roommates birthday wishes one of them had a birthday yesterday and on the same day it was the other one’s half birthday. How crazy is it that they were born 6 months apart and will be roommates next year as well.

Okay so now onto the bulk of the post. For about a week now I have been thinking a lot about ownership and privacy when it comes to the internet. One of my friends mentioned that she no longer wants to put photos on face book because once you upload things they no longer belong to you. Face book is not the only site that owns your work after you have put it online, another example is google docs. The amount of information that we give away and gets sold and spread is ridiculous. The movie Terms and Conditions May Apply is on Netflix and is a very good hour and twenty minute long documentary about well exactly what is sounds like. The scary thing is how much the world is turning into dystopian future but the scary thing is that we do these things to ourselves. By clicking that little box that says I approve allows online companies so much access into our lives and we do not even know what they say. Watch the movie if you can and be careful.

As much as I want to avoid the internet, I do not think I can. At this point in my life I am not as addicted to my technology as many because my phone is not smart and I do not have a tablet. Though because I have a twitter, facebook, pintrest, wordpress, multiple email accounts and amazon I no longer have the opportunity to not be online. I think I may want o do a week where I unplug from everything. I will first need a job but I will tell you guys when I am doing it because it will be no computer, very little phone use only calls and hopefully no TV or at least less than an hour a day. I want to do this and have others join me because I think it’s an interesting thing and would be good for me and everyone else who is participating.

I could go on but I think this is enough for now I have typed away and hope to have comments. I will post next Wednesday saying that I am moving to Thursdays so keep reading, keep writing, don’t forget to be awesome and have a wonderful week.


If you thought I was exaggerating about my phone well I wasn’t here is the old one and the exact same one but not not broken that I refer to as the new one. 

liebster award tag

The rules for the Liebster Award

  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. (I’d just like to mention that this shouldn’t even need to be a rule.)
  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers.
  • Ask them 11 questions.
  • Let them know about the nomination.


Thank you Julia for nominating me for this by leaving the last nomination of yours blank. I know how awesome you are many of my friends know I believe you are awesome, I am glad we found each other and she is such a good writer you should check her out!!!

Here is a link


11 facts about me

  1. I have been a vegetarian for over 5 years and that is something that many people find impressive but honestly it comes to a point where you don’t even think about it any more it is more of a lifestyle now.
  2. In the last year I have met all three of my inspirations the ones that make me want to be a better writer musician and film student.
  3. I became a nerdfighter about a month ago and am powering through the videos rapidly I started with the 2007 and have been watching in order. (currently in aug. 2011)
  4. I have two brothers and they are twins. That means I have a birthday and the two of them share a birthday not that we are triplets.
  5. I enjoy the little things in life and if there is an inside joke that comes up again I tend to laugh of smile about it like in the middle of class when there are bell curves or the metro is mentioned I laugh. And no one gets it so I wont even try to explain it on my blog.
  6. I did the 31 day nail polish challenge back in high school because there was a girl in my film class who had done it and I was jellious and thought I could do better so I did and like this 11 things about myself thing you get a little more than half way and feel rather done. But you keep going because you are more than half way there
  7. I have a radio show at school that allows me to play what ever music I want and I don’t think I have ever mentioned it on this blog but I love that I listen to music by artests that are nobodies because I feel for them and they are just as good as big artests but they have not broken out yet and though they never will I like being a fan of a group that might actually recognize me as a person and fan and not just one of the mass of groupies.
  8. When I went to Ireland I got a clada ring with a peredod heart (the light green that is my birth stone) and I truly believe in it’s meaning the hands of friendship and the heart of love with the crown of loyalty so because I am single the heart is out and the crown if facing me because my loyalty is not going out to my love.
  9. I am a ravenclaw according to pottermore and I believe it is right because of my eccentric ness and the amount I care about my grades. But when I way young I thought I would be more of a huffelpuff.
  10. I knit and have been knitting for a year and I do it for the wonderful stress relief so if I am hard core knitting while walking it is safe to ask what’s wrong.
  11. I care about the way I look when I leave my house so it is safe to assume that if I look weird to you I may think I look great and I dress for me more than I dress for you. If I am wearing pants that is not a happy time for me I far prefer wearing skirts dresses legging and even shorts. Also if I am wearing a hoodie that means I look like I don’t care same as sweat pants I feel they are only okay to wear to sleep or the gym so if I am wearing sweats or a hoodie I am not okay and do not want o talk about it to you because it is so sad  I don’t even care about what my outfit is. So that was a bit of a rand but I needed to say it.


My 11 Qs Julia asked me

  1. If you couldn’t write/read your favorite genre(s), what would you write/read?

My favorite genre to read is dystopia fiction and for writing I enjoy YA romance. So without those I would try to read more nonfiction memoirs and I might stop writing.

  1. Who’s your favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend?

Finnick Odaire from the hunger games trilogy catching fire and mocking jay.

  1. What’s your favorite cookie?

Snickerdoodles, which when I was younger I called Yankee wiffles

  1. What’s your favorite kind of shoes?

I demand so much from my shoes, so first off comfort followed by the preferable heel and peep toe so I can show off my beautiful silver toe nails. To answer the question peep toe heels/heeled sandals.

  1. What’s your favorite junk food?

Cheese puffs or cheese its; cheesy junk food is the best!! though i rarely eat junk because fruit is so much better for me.

  1. If you could co-write a book with anyone, who would you choose?

There are so many amazing writers and because none of them will ever want to write with me I am going to say JK Rowling because harry potter shaped me so much as a child my dad read it to me and now I play quidditch so most of my friends are huge potter heads so that would get me mad respect from them.

  1. If your family, friends, and pets were already safe, what would you rescue in a fire?

Honestly if the people were safe then I want to believe the fire would be a good reason to start again with out things but I would I guess try to save my nailpolish and computer bag because I love painting my nails and that would be a good thing to do when homeless and my computer has so much of my writing which I like even though I don’t think it is very good it has taken a lot of time to do.

  1. What’s the least awful type of apocalypse?

Post plague apocalypse, because it would be a good way to take the strain off the overpopulation problem allowing the survivors to fix things for the planet by causing less of an impact.

  1. If you could be famous for any one thing, what would you choose?

Solving a major environmental problem especially if it were plastic, clean water or efficient clean energy.

  1. Why did you start blogging?

Julia the writer girl

  1. Who are your blogging inspirations?

Julia the writer girl she is the reason for this post, this blog and a large porton of my writing. She is so nice and such a good writer I want to be more like her.

 11 questions for the bloggers i nominate 

  1. how long have you been writing/blogging
  2. if you could do any one thing and know you will not fail what would you do
  3. what was something you lied about and followed through on to make it true
  4. sky diving or deep sea diving
  5. what is your favorite thing about living in 2014
  6. if you had to give something up forever like lent but forever what would it be it has to be something you like
  7. what bothers you the most (if it happens to be ppl not capitalizing things sorry)
  8. gum mints or brushing your teeth which do you prefer
  9. if you had money to give to charity which one would you donate to
  10. what is a montra of yours
  11. is there a quote that you wish you had said and made famious


So let me appologise in advanced I do not know 9 bogs to nominate so I will do the ones I know and if someone else who has a blog with less than 200 followers and wants to do this please feel free I nominate you, and in return I would read your blog if you ask me to.

1 Lillie  at

2 Gavin at

3 So those are the only bloggers I really know beyond that please do this if you want to after reading and spread the word leave a comment and I will read it and your blog if you have one just ask me to.


so that is it for me for now this was hard but fun i hope you enjoy doing this as well off to tell the nominees that they have been tagged in this.


okay so if you know me or have been reading this blog you know how excited i was for bookcon because i would get to meet Julia the writer girl. and she was so nice and cool and made my day. so i will go over the thing i did in bookcon as a bullet point format and then i have the Liebster Award to answer because julia sort of kind of nominated me so i want to do that too. 

okay so i got into the city very early (we took the 6:55 train) to get in line to pick up my pass and then get in line to get autographing tickets but they ran out before i got them so i then waited in another line to enter the floor when it opened. i met some cool girls in that line, Annabell and Annalease. they are nerdfighters and were there to see john green but i knew they were really cool because me and Annalease were wearing Hogwarts shirts mine was grey and hers was white but same design. i had been separated from my friend lily who i went with but she found me from my laugh so that was cool.

when i got into the Javits center me and lily went around and got free books i got 13 books 3 totes and a few other things through out the day such as a tee shirt and some book prevews and comic books so all the free stuff i was very successful. Image

i had planed to meet Julia at 10:30am but i saw her befor that and screamed with excitment and we hugged and then she was like “hey rachel i am on the phone so just a second” and so i happily just stared at her while she was talking to her mom and then i followed her to meet her mom who is also really nice. we got a professional picture taken together wearing the matching strawberry hats i made for us. so glad hers fit and she liked it. i love julia and i hope that everyone who finds her does too because she is a great writer and deserves to get published. Image

okay so after all that Julia stuff i went to the line to see Amy Pohler and met some people in that line one of which worked at the Huffington post which is pretty cool. Amy was so funny promoting her book Yes Please that is coming out in the fall. Image

From there i got into the cluster that was forming for the john green The Fault in Our Stars panel (TFiOS) but i decided i would rather go it the children authors panel which had the guy who wrote Persey Jackson, the women who wrote dork diaries as well as James Patterson and Lemony Snicket. Lemony was hilarious because he talks in a monotone and if you thought the series of unfortunate events was funny or just generally enjoyed it you would have enjoyed him as a person. Image

when i got out of that i realized there was no way i could see john green which was okay because i could go to the dystopian panel with the girls i met in the children panel funny story about them the one that really clicked with me largely because we sat next to each other is a 12 year old Lola from NY and she was really cool we are emailing now and so she wrote hers down on a piece of paper for me but i wrote mine on a pin that says “MY BOOK BOYFRIEND IS FINNICK” because i had to write a character in in sharpie to get the pin but i knew i wanted her to not loose my email more than i wanted the silly pin. so shout out to lola and the rest of her group that i met you guys are great if you blog i hope you tell me and ps to them i plan on reading the legend series i have the first book on request at the library.

okay so yes i got to see Veronica Roth host a Q&A with some other YA Dystopian writers and that was cool then i left erarly to meet up with lily and get back to the train so we could get home, while leaving saw julia and her mom and got a goodbye hug and that was book con sorry that was so long. 

so that was longer than i had originally expected but there was a lot i wanted to say sorry i do not have more pictures but i put in what i had. i will do the other thing as a separate post today because this is long enough.

Thanks for reading