Nailed May

this month has been really long and at the same time i have very little to mention about it. i have been home for a bit now and feel very ready to go back to school i can barely wait. this upcoming weekend is extremely eventful for me i have bookcon and my girl scout gold award banquet. because i seen to be unable to think of fun things to say up here i guess i will jump right into the nail art photos.


This feels like forever ago, the butterfly nail i found super easy and it didn’t chip or anything for about a week so i would say very worth it’s time consumption and i got loads of compliments.


Aye Aye sailor. nautical themed nails, i think i will have an anchor themed phone cover for my new phone that should arrive for this weekend thank goodness mine is so done right now it basically does not work


tribal patterns as requested by roommate abbie


simple glitter tops


it’s a penguin



sorry about the quality of this one it was  hard to get both of my thumbs in a picture but m&m’s


job hunt simple


lots of dots



i did these for the new levels of candy crush which i have already played through so i am at 590 waiting for more levels


pretty in pink and a touch of glitter never hurt anyone


these were for the R5 concert i saw on sunday it was okay


and my current nails mint with black and white grass no purpose just pretty

so hope you are having a beautiful week and if you do nail art or thoughts of what i should try i have time to do them just leave me a comment.


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