chapter 4

So I have been home for over a week now and already really want to get back to school and my college friends. but becuase i am currently in NJ that means that I get time to sleep in and stay up late reading books for fun and fill out job applications that will hopefully lead to me getting paid. i have some really cool things coming up in the next few weeks posts will be sure to follow. i may have to put up some polls to get opinions on what you guys want to see.

the post is chapter 4 of collin and jade this is the second Collin POV chapter if you do not know what i am talking about there is a catagory for this and it is the novel i started writing in November 2013.

Chapter 4 Collin

I have spent half the lunch hour looking all over for Jacob but he is completely nowhere to be found. I guess it was dumb of me to think that an upperclassman would stay on campus if they have a car and could go anywhere. It’s not a total waste of time though, at least now there will not be a line for the cafeteria food. I get to walk straight up to Betty the server who plopped a scoop of mash potatoes on my plate.

“Will that be enough for today?” Betty asks me in her scratchy smoker’s voice.

“More than enough thank you Betty.” I feel the need to be extra nice to her and all of the other cafeteria staff because they are not appreciated by most of the guys. The way I see it, without the lunch staff I would get really hungry every day so putting in the tiny bit of effort to recognize they exist really can go a far way.  Sometimes Betty will make an exception for me and give me a double serving of pudding or a nice big corner piece of cake. The icing is my favorite part so the corners are my favorite part especially if there is one of those edible roses on it.

“Would you like chicken patty or meat loaf?” Betty asks me from behind the counter. Her huskily built body moves down the line with me.

“What’s better today?” It really does not matter neither one is all that good.

“Meat loaf it is.” And with that I get a slab of random lunch meat placed down next to the mash potatoes.  “I realize it’s not a turkey dinner but I can give you cranberry jelly.”

“That sounds so good, I would love some cranberry jelly with my lunch feast.” I receive the full plate of lunch goodies and get a plastic fork and knife. It is not good silverware but it is what the school provides to us with everything being very disposable to cut down on what needs to be washed.

I go to my small circular table in the corner of the room on the far end of the windows.  Brandon and Chris are already sitting and have a chess game in progress. Brandon wears glasses and is the most out of shape guy of all of us. He has always been a bit over weight and now he just sits around and so he gained more weight than he would have liked to. He is wearing a flannel like he does on most days; today it is red and black, paired with jeans. Chris has a mocha complexion and a small fro. He is one of the few minorities in this school and for that he has to work extra hard to show people he is not one of the average black stereo typed kids. He is actually super smart, working towards seulidictorian. Chris is also one of the nicest people who goes to the school largely because he wants others to accept him so he is very excepting of himself.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” I sit in the chair next to the two of them.

“I am winning this game.” Chris does not even look up from the game he is so involved his mindset is set on game mode and there is no need for him to break that to small talk with me.

Brandon is less concentrated largely because he has already lost, not guaranteed but he has only no chance of winning at this point in the game. “Hey dude, um I don’t know my day has been pretty average, but it sounds like you might have a good story from today.”

“I do, today in gym I was partnered with Jacob Wilkins and we actually won a few matches and I got two points on my own. It was the best feeling ever like I had really accomplished something, my body loved it. I think I want to join a team for next quarter.” I am beaming with joy, my tone of voice it glowing with excitement.

Both Brandon and Chris look away from the chess board in shock of my over joyous statement.

“Collin did you get hit in the head today, or are you sick? We can take you to the nurse if that’s the problem.” Chris seems slightly concerned.

“Were you abducted by another life force because I feel like if that’s the case we have to ask some personal questions only you can answer and if you get them wrong we should kill you?” Brandon is more of a joker than Chris so his explanation to my change in character is very fitting.

“Guys I am perfectly fine, and the same person you have known since second grade reading buddies for Brandon and the library’s annual chess competition two years ago where I was cornered by Chris’s queen and rook and lost in the semifinals. But I just felt so good I want to be like that more often and sports are not like chess. They can get you up and moving to lose weight or get your brain fired up form endorphins. I was looking to find Jacob and discuss winter sports but I couldn’t find him. I was thinking basketball.”

“Basketball is for the tall and talented people of the world not for chess playing kids with asthma. Think about what you are about to get yourself into.” Brandon brings up some fair points.

“If I were you I would recommend you sleep on the idea and if you still want to join sports on Monday then talk it over with coach, he would be the best one to figure out how to channel you inner athlete. But for now you might want to just clam down.” That is Chris putting in the last word the way he almost always does. Now he is done with this conversation and turns back to the chess game where it was his turn and he had already figured what he was doing for the next five moves depending on what Brandon did. Chris moves his knight left two and up one. “Check” it’s no wonder why Chris is nationally ranked in chess he is a true genius in the art.

I start to eat the mash potatoes with a dollop of cranberry jelly and let the conversation simmer in my mind. Everything the guys said was true and good advice. I think I will have to think it over during the weekend and make my decision next week. I hope that my decision is the best one regardless which way I decide to go.  For now I watch chess and eat my school lunch when the time to decide comes I will be ready to go which every way I am being called and that will most likely not be the basketball courts.


Hope you enjoyed it. ps there was little to no editing done to it sorry about that.


this is me after opening an email from Julia the writer girl about meeting her at bookcon so excited less than 2 weeks away from meeting my writing idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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