Summer is for Reading

So depending on where you go to school if you go to school at all you might also be on summer vacation. This is my first post of summer and other than looking for a job, filling out applications and sleeping I am doing some reading for pleasure.

I have two things to touch upon in this post re-reading books and my summer wish list of reads.

There are so many good books that get written every year and there is nowhere near enough time to read all of them. So there is this constant inner debate of weather to read a book that is recommended by friends or the newspaper; the book you think you want to read because you would enjoy it. Or you car reread a book something you either really liked the first time through or one that you did not enjoy but now that you are older and wiser you may like it more because you could appreciate it.

I am starting my summer reading with a book called wonder by RJ Palacio



I want to read the second and third divergent books by veronica Roth who I will be seeing at the end of the month at bookcon!


Reread looking for Alaska and the fault in our stars by John Green (who will also be going to Bookcon)


The Hunger Games and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


The Giver by Lois Lowry (hopefully I will enjoy it more now that I am not being forced to read it in school.)


Beyond that I am not sure I know there are other things I will read but right now this is the list I really want to get through. At the end of the summer I will have a books I read over the summer review. As I read a book I will post that, if you have any must read recommendations leave a comment I will try to read those too.

Weather your summer has started or not I wish the best to your pleasure reading .


this was the last picture i took of myself in my dorm. i miss gorham and RI and my roommates but books should make time go faster and in no time at all i will be back at school.


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