Pink and Red Donations

So I feel like I have a lot to say and I really do not want to wait until Wednesday, I might burst or make a really long rambling post if I wait. Or even worse forget half the things I wanted to tell you cool people. So today I donated blood for the second time in my life and it feels great. So I have this silly red bandage on my arms for the next few hours to prove I gave blood. I need to thank my roommate Courtney for also donating and also waiting for my pulse to go down. Normally I get rejected from donating blood because I have low iron (super common in vegetarians) but this time my iron was okay so I needed to not be turned away because of nerves raising my pulse.

When I got out of the blood drive I had a bag of clothes that I was bringing to the women’s center end of year clothing swap. If you like on University of Rhode Island campus or are in the general Kingston area I recommend bringing some clothes you no longer wear to donate or trade. The donations are going to big brother big sister and collection will be today until 4 and tomorrow 1-4. I brought in a few long shirts, t shirt and sweat pants all that I had not worn all semester and traded for the top I am wearing at the picture featured below.

So that is what I had for today quick shout outs Courtney best roommate ever thank you for the things mentioned earlier and I hope you appreciate the capitalization used in this post.

To Julia the Writer Girl thank you for your comment on my blog the sweet words about my nail art and the reason I will not give up on putting chapters of Collin and Jade up, the story is not finished but the 15k I wrote in April has brought it in a direction that makes me want to complete it soon. Also for the comment response on your blog explaining I should post when I want/need to allowing for this to be a multiple post week.

In extra cool news I have 10 likes on this blog so that’s pretty cool thank you anyone who liked it ever.



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