Nailed April

So this is the regularly scheduled Wednesday blog post it’s crazy how much i have to say though, with April ending and classes ended this is the first of the reading days but it’s like the snow day effect i never have class today so this does not feel special. i might have a bonus post just because i have so much to say or i may have to push back the short story about stranger. my freshman year is almost all over and it went too fast.

If you were wondering about camp nano well i didn’t write for 16 days in a row because i needed to focus on school so at this point in time for me to win I would have to write 16700 words today before midnight. i don’t think that is humanly possible even if the words were not contributing to the story. I don’t know where it is going i sort of wrote myself into a whole which is spiraling deeper and deeper away from the original end point. i’ll figure it out, fix it up over the summer. I have to ask do you even want me to keep putting up chapters of Collin and Jade? I have gotten absolutely no feed back and I have a hard time putting my work online at all so to do it I want to know that at least one person is reading it and likes it. (When I was reading Julia’s story i devoured it waiting for the next chapter rather impatiently.) my goal for today is 6700 words, a lot but possible if i get in the zone and just write.

Enough about me for now on to the nail art

Image Image

So these are my muppets nails i was suposed to see the new movie with my friends


But instead we decided to see Noah, it was a good movie


I love this Octopus, i did it from a pin  i saw and because #narratube has a squid

Image  Image


I had a few ideas for camp nano so i did both hands differently


I am so happy with how this turned out in real life, it’s not a very good picture but dream catcher and feathers


This was to match my sorority’s  formal dress


The TV show Awkward that i binged through in a few days when i was really stressed. if you have ever thought about watching you should it’s a great MTV program. i love the mini band-aid i thought it was a nice touch


This is  a splatter paint effect but I like the way it looks space-y


I did this for initiation into the sorority you cant see it but they are matt with gloss tips


when i got into Sigma Alpha i did this for my first official sisterhood event



Easter nails


Plain and simple french mani




Evan Peters from American Horror Story came to my school and did a Q&A so fro $10 i went to see him and did my nails for it


There was a movie showing of the Lorax for earth day me and the studie buddies from last semester went and cuddled on the quad because it was a cold night but a good movie


And currently i have this on my hands, it’s a new silver and i outlined with black for a cool space age look.

So as you may have noticed i did a lot of nail art this month, it was a stressful one. if you want to know how i did any of them please comment below thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Nailed April

  1. You’re so good at nail art! I’m jealous. I feel bad because I haven’t been keeping up with COLLIN AND JADE, but from what I HAVE read of it, I can say that I think you should keep putting chapters up. 🙂

    1. thank you i was not sure anyone even cared i will keep doing that then and ps i have fallen behind in your nano book too over the summer i hope to get caught up because
      i love reading your stuff

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