Shout Out to Stranger

So this is obviously a bonus post because today is not Wednesday, I know it is a bit late for me to be blogging but I have a bunch to say that does not fit into the format of the post I have for the last week of the month and i will be giving him a full on post first week of may but for right now here is a picture of stranger, the boy who made my day. If you are out there reading this please leave a comment i think you’re pretty cool and would love to have contact with you. 



3 thoughts on “Shout Out to Stranger

    1. well hello there brian do i know you IRL or are you a wonderful stranger that i would be lucky to get to know. i am rachel and this is my blog. i got really excited when i saw the comment because i would love to chat with the person in that picture. but whoever you are glad you found me.

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