So this video is for a friend of a friend’s project for school it’s really cool and if it sounds cool to you sign up. i am the sixth person to do this so you should probally watch all the narratubes before me but that only takes about 15 minutes. the project is a story told by many and continued on for weeks check out all the rules and past posts on this site

Now for my weekly me update. this was a ruff week with little sleep because it is the last wave of exams before finals so i had two yesterday and one today as well as a practical final on Friday. i thought i did poorly on two thirds of what i have so far done but the first grade back is a 78 in bio not good but the best i have had so far so i really can not complain too much.
A quick note on crying only do it if you will feel better afterwards, i need to keep that in mind i know that i want to live with the fewest spilt tears possible.
Be greatful for the little things, like a rain storm that you get stuck in because sometimes the world is telling you something and if you are not paying attention you may miss it
And one last quirky thing if the person who has chem lab after me is reading this you really need to stop saying i steal test tubes i don’t and having to pay a $1.68 fine in order to lift a hold on my fall classes that was just annoying.
All in all there is nothing you can do about the past so try to keep positive about the future if things are not so good there is a good chance they will be getting better.
To anyone in my life who i hurt this week or any other week i am sorry
And to anyone in my life who made me smile Thank you. you are the best.

This is my 20th post so Thank you for reading i had the most views ever last week it makes me want to keep blogging. please leave comments so i know who is reading they make my day shine a billion times brighter. 🙂 ❤ you guys


2 thoughts on “#NarraTube

  1. I don’t know about the lab after you, but my TA will literally throw out test tubes just because they are dirty. Or any dirty glassware: beakers, test tubes, etc. I feel bad for the people in lab before us, their bills must be huge. 😦
    Also, you’re great, so just stay positive. And probably a quarter of those views were mine. I like your blog, so I keep checking if you updated. Plus I love you and stuff. 🙂

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