So this week I had to make a lot of decisions or at least I had expected to but in the end I had no choices because all of my things were decided for me. I was torn between living with my best friend who I met on the quidditch team next year or being an RA but I didn’t get the RA job. I was not very happy with my boyfriend (of about a month) so I was thinking I wanted to try to fix it give us another week or two but he broke up with me. It was almost mutual we just wanted different things so he broke up with me for the same but opposite reasons I would have broken up with him. I am hoping to stay friends but there is very little chance that that will happen.

Because I have not been able to decide what to do with my life I decided to knit, I know from experience that I can not knit my problems away but I can sure try. I made a tomato hat in two days, I’ve also watched a lot of Netflix but when I need to be productive I go to the library and sit at a table all alone on the third floor (silent floor), this seems to be the only productive work place for me right now. I spent three hours here on Monday doing my writing and film HW today I am working on Chem and nano hopefully I am about 6000 words behind. Because I have no classes today I want to do a 5000 word sprint it would get me almost back on track. I am going to jump the gun and give a shout out to Wade for being willing to coach me through camp nano and cheer me and make me write.

I need to give my camp nano cabin a shout out half of you guys are amazing thank you for writing and being in my life even if only for a little while it means a lot to me.

My amazing roommate Courtney deserves a shout out for helping me with chem last night and comforting me when I needed it. I don’t always show it but I am very grateful to have such amazing friends and roommates my life would be miserable without the people in my life.

I really do not have any thing for this week so it’s just a little me update.

Side note I am getting really excited for BookCon less than 2 months away.


i cant get a good pic but thank you Abbie for doing amazing henna on my shoulder/back it rocks just like you.

I can not say it enough I love my roommates ❤ court and abbs. it’ll be exciting inviting Miranda into our family next year.


5 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Things will get better soon Rachel! Even when unfortunate things happen, good things can still come out of them. Sure you didn’t get the RA job, but we are going to have a kick-ass time together being roommates! Your relationship ended, but if he didn’t want to try to make it work, he isn’t worth your time and you’ll find a guy who is a billion times better.

    Just hang in there girl, you got so much going for you and I think you are great. 🙂

    1. miranda i love you you are going to be the best roommate ever i really needed that comment or really any comment i am glad it came form you, you deserve a big hug ❤ 😀

  2. Rachel, you are so unique! I could relate to you as well. Decisions are tough sometimes, and it can additionally be rough if the decisions are already made for you. Stay positive though! You make so many people smile =)

  3. Well, I’m finally going through and reading your fabulous blog posts! Finding that shout-out absolutely made my day! I love you girlie and you know I’ll always lend my brain and ears to ya ❤
    P.S. Miranda is super spot-on with all of her insightful comments!!

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