Camp NaNo

so this weekend i got really sick i most likely won’t talk about that again still recovering, i also for a few days ran out of candy crush levels but today there was an update so i have 28 more (i already beat 2)

Not much to say about me but as promised last week i will be doing a quick write up on Nanowrimo/ camp nano.

Basically NaNoWriMo is national novel writing month in which thousands of people world wide sit down at their computers and commit to trying to writ 50000 words of a novel in the month of November. this was my second year participating in that and the first for completing the word count requirement. 

As for camp nano it is the same concept but at a spring or summer, i never have done the summer one but spring is fun. there is less of a difficulty level in camp because it is set your own goal within 10K-100K words in the month. my current goal is 35000. i am hoping to finish the story i started to write in November. the thing is anyone can write but the hard thing is how do you start and with out a deadline how do you keep motivated. so nano is here to make your dead line and that is enough to keep me writing. 

A cool thing about camp is we are put into digital cabins where we get to interact with other writers who become our friends and support group if they ever decide to update their word count and communicate on the forum.

it is not too late to start and loads of fun so if you were thinking i like writing maybe next year don’t there is no penalty for failing. and winning means you get a goody bag and bragging writes, it’s all online and free so do it here’s a link to

if i forgot anything that is important you have to realize there is far more pressing writing for me to do right now. if you have questions please leave them as comments i would be happy to answer them and amend the post if needed. to me the whole nano thing seems natural but to someone who has never heard of it it can be overwhelming. 

Image Image

                                        A book better than anything i will ever write in my lifetime. but i can dream 


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