Nailed March

So this week has been a blur, i am busy as always but it’s shocking that this is my third month of blogging that’s so cool in another 3 months i will have been doing this for half a year crazy. so this week i had 2 quidditch games i am a chaser and on Saturday i scored my first point in a game so that is ground breaking. i have had loads of quidditch and next year my roommate (if i am not an RA) will be my best friend from quidditch Miranda. today i have to choose my schedule for next semester and finish applying for this super cool summer job at a surf camp. i was all freaking out that i would have nothing to post but it is the last Wendsday of this month so that means nail art.

next week will be the first week of camp nano i have a 12 person cabin but i would not be surprised if only two or three actually interact with it. next week i will do a post all about camp nano for anyone who does not know what it is but is interested.


these clouds were what i did for when i went to launch the trampoline park that inspired the short story form 2 weeks ago


 Marti Gras nails


I had fun with matt nail polish and then layering glitter and regular to give the three very different contrasting pinks.


Cinderella nails


Cats for the musical that my old High School put on Good job CHS


St. Patty’s day nails. if you remember i take holidays seriously


ImageFrozen nail art, if you want a good tutorial for this here’s the link warning it takes about 3 hours.



In honor of divergent (on thum Dauntless) (up-down) Abnation, Amnity,  Condor, Eurudite.


Quiddich hoops and the Rhody Ridgeback our mascot.


So i guess that is all of them, even though i feel like i did one more this month i can’t find any pictures so oh well. hope everyone has a good week and is prepping for camp if you are participating.


this is form Halloween but i wore the bow yesterday and don’t have any good current selfies so this will be the one of the week don’t laugh at me too much i love that bow. 🙂



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