On the Topic of Sexual Harassment

so if you know me or read my blog you may have noticed that there is this super cool girl Julia and she has a blog that inspires me almost every day to write and be a better person. she just put up a really deep and well writen post on sexual hurasment i have not had any of this happen to me yet but it’s a problem and noone should have to go through. so i wanted to reblog her amazing post, it made me think it may do the same for you.

Julia the Writer Girl

I didn’t want to write this post. I have been putting off writing this post for the better part of a year now. But it’s something that I need to address–not just for myself personally, but for people in general.

As a culture, for some reason we seem to have come to the conclusion that it is okay to make sexual comments about people we don’t know, simply because it’s the internet and they cannot see us. And because of this we either seem to think that they also cannot hear us, or that if they can hear us they obviously must feel the same.

I am here, today, to tell you that the people to whom you’re speaking do not feel the same. Ever. And we can hear you.

I’ll admit, I have made comments online about finding celebrities attractive before. I’m not completely innocent in this. But never…

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