Bonus post Divergent

so i just got back from seeing divergentImage

and i must say it’s a fairly good movie better than the book in my opinion but that was to be expected. before i write any more you need to realize that did not enjoy the book i may have some spoilers so i recommend you read at your own risk but you should be okay i am not an expert so i don’t feel qualified to do a comparison (i just read it over there really aren’t spoilers but just so no one freaks out and is like “but i knew nothing”). i do not have like good pictures but i had a good time also this needs to be a fast write up for me because i have a chem lab due tomorrow that is nowhere near done. I am a Candor if you were wondering where i felt i would belong. 

the movie made me realize that i may not be able to read, i thought faction was fraction, Abneration= Abnation,  Candor=condor,    Erudite =ertrude and worse of all Tris became TrisH to me.

I recommend the movie to anyone who read the book and anyone who likes the type of movie that gets blown up by a huge fan base i like being involved in them twilight, hunger games the good stuff like that. 

if you see the movie and want to discuss with me or feel like your opinion is different leave me a comment i would love to hash out our differences. funny story about that in the theater before the movie started i was with four friends and we were talking and one of them asked what i thought of the books and a little too loudly i said i really didn’t like the book. that got every person in the theater to stare me down and my friends to tell me not to talk if i were going to loose potential friends over it. but i am a candor at heart so i have a hard time keeping my opinion to myself sometimes. 


this is what i wore and my shoes are black flats with white socks. sorry about the laundry in the background the washing machine didn’t spin out so my roommate has a lode of damp laundry. #collegelife 



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