Getting Back

so I had been on spring break but now I am back at school, I returned to University of Rhode Island and since my return I have gone to 5 classes and it was a struggle to get back into the rhythm of school after vacation. I want to give a special shout out to my friend Johnson for helping me memorize things for my sorority last night, i think i passed the quiz and also I feel more like doing school work now so thank you so much.

this week in the way of post i am giving you chapter 3 of Collin and Jade, my national novel writing month story from November 2013, it’s been a while since i posted one of these. if i knew how to put in the hyper links to chapter 1 and 2 i would but if you want to read those you’ll just have to scroll through the blog they are on here.

Chapter 3 Jade

I take a big finger full of icing off the top of my cupcake and make it the first think I eat since breakfast.  Then I putdown the dessert portion of my meal, to get out and eat the food that with actually get me through the day. I have a metal lunch box with a red handle and the school’s crest on the front and back. It was a freshman fundraiser so my mom got me one and now my lunch gets to be toted around all official looking. Today I packed myself a peanut butter and jelly with strawberry jelly on whole grain bread with the crust left on and cut into two triangles. Then I have a water bottle, a pear and carrot sticks. Becca has the same lunch box as me but she tied a ribbon to her handle so it looks more recognizable. We are allowed to either bring lunch from home or eat the cafeteria food. And only the freshmen are required to eat inside. Being a sophomore I tend to eat on campus but not in the building. If I had a car I could go out and have real lunch out most of the seniors do that but for now I go to the court yard with Becca and eat at one of the intimate garden side tables. We could join a bigger group but most of the girls at this school are really snobby so at least Becca is nice.

“Can we not talk about today?” I ask Becca, I don’t know why I am so stressed but I really want to forget about this morning. Becca should understand that she always does she is like the annoying little sister I never had but when I need support she is always there for me.

“Fine let’s talk Halloween, it’s two weeks away what are we doing this year?”

That is a good question I feel like we are getting too old to trick or treat and sophomores don’t really have connections to get invited to any cool parties unless they crash.

“I was planning on dressing up.” Becca says cautiously hoping that it is not foolish.

“I don’t know what I want to do but I will definitely be dressing up as well.” The thought of Halloween costumes has been a back burner thought for a long time but I have not settled on anything yet. “Do we want to complement match or be completely different?”

“Can we match I wanted to be Tinkerbelle, what do you think about that?” Becca asks. I think Becca needs to get more confident.

“It’s not a bad idea actually sounds cute, but I would not want to be in the same outfit so can I be a blue fairy. Same costume but different color we can be sisters instead of twins.” I give Becca a shrug and a smile.

“Perfect we can go fairy dress shopping this weekend at Macy’s and if that does not amount to anything we can always try one of those temporary Halloween stores.”

“And the dollar store always has fairy wings so we don’t have to splurge on them.” I have noticed in the past that fairy wings and tutus are not the dollar store’s best sellers so they are always available in every color.

“This will be a fun weekend good thing it’s already Thursday because otherwise waiting may be really hard.” Becca takes a sip from her milk juice box. “How’s the sandwich?”

“Nothing special, just an extra strawberry jelly, pb&j, it’s just the way I like it.”

“Funny considering you make them I would hope it’s the way you like it.” Becca has a point with that one.

“Yeah well how is yours?”

“My mom forgot the mayo so it’s dry.”

“Becca when are you going to start to pack your own lunch, it’s not difficult and you know how to cook.”

“No, I bake, there is a huge difference. I have no interest in making food that does not have sugar in the first three ingredience. Real food is not sweet enough; there is already enough blandness in the world. I want to make the sweetness shine not average.”

“Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? You should go eat a grapefruit without sweetener, they are the perfect metaphor for the world especially the way you see it.” I open my bag of carrot sticks and take a small nibble form the first one. “At face value it is pretty run of the mill looking, but you open it up and have to work for the reward, which is not even sweet. It’s bitter and yet satisfying, you can try to sweeten it but the origin is always there. No matter how much sugar you put into the world it is not going to make a long lasting effect the way the bitter truth will linger. Like the taste of a grapefruit it stays there until washed away but is always in your memory as an event that happened.” Grapefruit are my favorite fruit and my breakfast every day. I have a special spoon for eating them; it’s smaller than a teaspoon and has a double sided serrated edge to act as a mini knife. Most people do not understand my obsession with the perfect food in the world but I see it, grapefruit is my love considering it gives me more than any man in my life. And I rarely get sick because I eat so much vitamin C so the only negative is my teeth get worn down from the acid. But my dentist put me on a enamel building toothpaste that should reduce the damage my breakfast does to me.

Becca throws a piece of bread at me and I pretend to be hit by a bullet. Only good friends like me and Becca can do that in public without caring who sees. These are the moments that make me wish I had more friends like her but then they would be far from special and my appreciation for Becca may not be there.

“I just had an idea, can we resolve to not take things for granted.”

“What are you talking about Jade?”

“I am so grateful that you are my super good best friend and I don’t always think of you like that but I am lucky and glad and I just want to say thank you for being you because I love it.”

“Jade I am still confused but thanks for noticing I am awesome,” Becca pulls the Tupperware cupcake that is hers out of her lunch box. “Shall we?”

“We shall.”

After cupcakes we won’t see each other until practice so until then I will have to go through the day without my soul support of entertainment and sugary food. The hardest part of the day is already behind me so in no time at all I will be getting dressed and ready for Frisbee.



hope you all had a green st. Patty’s day i know i did. 


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