so I am currently in the middle of a really nice spring break. i am in new jersey at my house that i grew up in and i had not been excited to come home because i love college but i am glad i came home. i had been getting sick so break aloud me to do a ton of sleeping and so far very little school work but that is okay there is a time and place for that i’ll stress about it later. i have seen a few friends from highschool and the slightly older kids on my block (Ewa and Jackson) who i went to my sr. prom with i’m sure they will be talked about more later at some point. 

Well to bribe me home for break my mom got both of us tickets to see cinderella on broadway because one of my favorite people is in it limited engagement Carly Rae Jepson. so i was in the same room with her which was cool and it was nice to be in new york city and all that good stuff. i thought the show was okay and carly has a sweet voice but if i could pick any show to see i would have considered a different one like kinky boots or the newsies but that is a different thing entirely. 

so this post is just going to be pictures from my New York Adventure.


so there was this interactive sculpture on display in between the train and theater so the idea was you found your astronomical house stood at the designated section and loooked into the peep holes the person you saw should be compatible with you based off of the horoscope match making. 


There is me standing on Leo looking for my match, i found a little old lady, we both laughed about it but it was fun.


so this one is self explanitory, but quick story i took this while waiting in line but there was a second line not for cinderella but for lorde on one of the late night shows so when ever a new person came by they would ask which line is cinderella and the lorde kids were pretty fed up with all of us. 


me and my mom in the second to last row of the theater 


the stage when the show starts


sorry about the quality, the fairy god mother and cinderella


so that is my New York day of fun and it would not have been complete with out a soft pretzel so yummy. thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Cinderella

    1. that was actually the best part, costume quick change before your eyes, also the supporting characters who carried the show were amazing like the step mother (Fran from the nanny) and fairy god mother were perfectly cast. thank you for commenting i was feeling like noone even read this blog

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