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Nailed March

So this week has been a blur, i am busy as always but it’s shocking that this is my third month of blogging that’s so cool in another 3 months i will have been doing this for half a year crazy. so this week i had 2 quidditch games i am a chaser and on Saturday i scored my first point in a game so that is ground breaking. i have had loads of quidditch and next year my roommate (if i am not an RA) will be my best friend from quidditch Miranda. today i have to choose my schedule for next semester and finish applying for this super cool summer job at a surf camp. i was all freaking out that i would have nothing to post but it is the last Wendsday of this month so that means nail art.

next week will be the first week of camp nano i have a 12 person cabin but i would not be surprised if only two or three actually interact with it. next week i will do a post all about camp nano for anyone who does not know what it is but is interested.


these clouds were what i did for when i went to launch the trampoline park that inspired the short story form 2 weeks ago


 Marti Gras nails


I had fun with matt nail polish and then layering glitter and regular to give the three very different contrasting pinks.


Cinderella nails


Cats for the musical that my old High School put on Good job CHS


St. Patty’s day nails. if you remember i take holidays seriously


ImageFrozen nail art, if you want a good tutorial for this here’s the link warning it takes about 3 hours.



In honor of divergent (on thum Dauntless) (up-down) Abnation, Amnity,  Condor, Eurudite.


Quiddich hoops and the Rhody Ridgeback our mascot.


So i guess that is all of them, even though i feel like i did one more this month i can’t find any pictures so oh well. hope everyone has a good week and is prepping for camp if you are participating.


this is form Halloween but i wore the bow yesterday and don’t have any good current selfies so this will be the one of the week don’t laugh at me too much i love that bow. 🙂


On the Topic of Sexual Harassment

so if you know me or read my blog you may have noticed that there is this super cool girl Julia and she has a blog that inspires me almost every day to write and be a better person. she just put up a really deep and well writen post on sexual hurasment i have not had any of this happen to me yet but it’s a problem and noone should have to go through. so i wanted to reblog her amazing post, it made me think it may do the same for you.

Julia the Writer Girl

I didn’t want to write this post. I have been putting off writing this post for the better part of a year now. But it’s something that I need to address–not just for myself personally, but for people in general.

As a culture, for some reason we seem to have come to the conclusion that it is okay to make sexual comments about people we don’t know, simply because it’s the internet and they cannot see us. And because of this we either seem to think that they also cannot hear us, or that if they can hear us they obviously must feel the same.

I am here, today, to tell you that the people to whom you’re speaking do not feel the same. Ever. And we can hear you.

I’ll admit, I have made comments online about finding celebrities attractive before. I’m not completely innocent in this. But never…

View original post 1,267 more words

Bonus post Divergent

so i just got back from seeing divergentImage

and i must say it’s a fairly good movie better than the book in my opinion but that was to be expected. before i write any more you need to realize that did not enjoy the book i may have some spoilers so i recommend you read at your own risk but you should be okay i am not an expert so i don’t feel qualified to do a comparison (i just read it over there really aren’t spoilers but just so no one freaks out and is like “but i knew nothing”). i do not have like good pictures but i had a good time also this needs to be a fast write up for me because i have a chem lab due tomorrow that is nowhere near done. I am a Candor if you were wondering where i felt i would belong. 

the movie made me realize that i may not be able to read, i thought faction was fraction, Abneration= Abnation,  Candor=condor,    Erudite =ertrude and worse of all Tris became TrisH to me.

I recommend the movie to anyone who read the book and anyone who likes the type of movie that gets blown up by a huge fan base i like being involved in them twilight, hunger games the good stuff like that. 

if you see the movie and want to discuss with me or feel like your opinion is different leave me a comment i would love to hash out our differences. funny story about that in the theater before the movie started i was with four friends and we were talking and one of them asked what i thought of the books and a little too loudly i said i really didn’t like the book. that got every person in the theater to stare me down and my friends to tell me not to talk if i were going to loose potential friends over it. but i am a candor at heart so i have a hard time keeping my opinion to myself sometimes. 


this is what i wore and my shoes are black flats with white socks. sorry about the laundry in the background the washing machine didn’t spin out so my roommate has a lode of damp laundry. #collegelife 


Getting Back

so I had been on spring break but now I am back at school, I returned to University of Rhode Island and since my return I have gone to 5 classes and it was a struggle to get back into the rhythm of school after vacation. I want to give a special shout out to my friend Johnson for helping me memorize things for my sorority last night, i think i passed the quiz and also I feel more like doing school work now so thank you so much.

this week in the way of post i am giving you chapter 3 of Collin and Jade, my national novel writing month story from November 2013, it’s been a while since i posted one of these. if i knew how to put in the hyper links to chapter 1 and 2 i would but if you want to read those you’ll just have to scroll through the blog they are on here.

Chapter 3 Jade

I take a big finger full of icing off the top of my cupcake and make it the first think I eat since breakfast.  Then I putdown the dessert portion of my meal, to get out and eat the food that with actually get me through the day. I have a metal lunch box with a red handle and the school’s crest on the front and back. It was a freshman fundraiser so my mom got me one and now my lunch gets to be toted around all official looking. Today I packed myself a peanut butter and jelly with strawberry jelly on whole grain bread with the crust left on and cut into two triangles. Then I have a water bottle, a pear and carrot sticks. Becca has the same lunch box as me but she tied a ribbon to her handle so it looks more recognizable. We are allowed to either bring lunch from home or eat the cafeteria food. And only the freshmen are required to eat inside. Being a sophomore I tend to eat on campus but not in the building. If I had a car I could go out and have real lunch out most of the seniors do that but for now I go to the court yard with Becca and eat at one of the intimate garden side tables. We could join a bigger group but most of the girls at this school are really snobby so at least Becca is nice.

“Can we not talk about today?” I ask Becca, I don’t know why I am so stressed but I really want to forget about this morning. Becca should understand that she always does she is like the annoying little sister I never had but when I need support she is always there for me.

“Fine let’s talk Halloween, it’s two weeks away what are we doing this year?”

That is a good question I feel like we are getting too old to trick or treat and sophomores don’t really have connections to get invited to any cool parties unless they crash.

“I was planning on dressing up.” Becca says cautiously hoping that it is not foolish.

“I don’t know what I want to do but I will definitely be dressing up as well.” The thought of Halloween costumes has been a back burner thought for a long time but I have not settled on anything yet. “Do we want to complement match or be completely different?”

“Can we match I wanted to be Tinkerbelle, what do you think about that?” Becca asks. I think Becca needs to get more confident.

“It’s not a bad idea actually sounds cute, but I would not want to be in the same outfit so can I be a blue fairy. Same costume but different color we can be sisters instead of twins.” I give Becca a shrug and a smile.

“Perfect we can go fairy dress shopping this weekend at Macy’s and if that does not amount to anything we can always try one of those temporary Halloween stores.”

“And the dollar store always has fairy wings so we don’t have to splurge on them.” I have noticed in the past that fairy wings and tutus are not the dollar store’s best sellers so they are always available in every color.

“This will be a fun weekend good thing it’s already Thursday because otherwise waiting may be really hard.” Becca takes a sip from her milk juice box. “How’s the sandwich?”

“Nothing special, just an extra strawberry jelly, pb&j, it’s just the way I like it.”

“Funny considering you make them I would hope it’s the way you like it.” Becca has a point with that one.

“Yeah well how is yours?”

“My mom forgot the mayo so it’s dry.”

“Becca when are you going to start to pack your own lunch, it’s not difficult and you know how to cook.”

“No, I bake, there is a huge difference. I have no interest in making food that does not have sugar in the first three ingredience. Real food is not sweet enough; there is already enough blandness in the world. I want to make the sweetness shine not average.”

“Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? You should go eat a grapefruit without sweetener, they are the perfect metaphor for the world especially the way you see it.” I open my bag of carrot sticks and take a small nibble form the first one. “At face value it is pretty run of the mill looking, but you open it up and have to work for the reward, which is not even sweet. It’s bitter and yet satisfying, you can try to sweeten it but the origin is always there. No matter how much sugar you put into the world it is not going to make a long lasting effect the way the bitter truth will linger. Like the taste of a grapefruit it stays there until washed away but is always in your memory as an event that happened.” Grapefruit are my favorite fruit and my breakfast every day. I have a special spoon for eating them; it’s smaller than a teaspoon and has a double sided serrated edge to act as a mini knife. Most people do not understand my obsession with the perfect food in the world but I see it, grapefruit is my love considering it gives me more than any man in my life. And I rarely get sick because I eat so much vitamin C so the only negative is my teeth get worn down from the acid. But my dentist put me on a enamel building toothpaste that should reduce the damage my breakfast does to me.

Becca throws a piece of bread at me and I pretend to be hit by a bullet. Only good friends like me and Becca can do that in public without caring who sees. These are the moments that make me wish I had more friends like her but then they would be far from special and my appreciation for Becca may not be there.

“I just had an idea, can we resolve to not take things for granted.”

“What are you talking about Jade?”

“I am so grateful that you are my super good best friend and I don’t always think of you like that but I am lucky and glad and I just want to say thank you for being you because I love it.”

“Jade I am still confused but thanks for noticing I am awesome,” Becca pulls the Tupperware cupcake that is hers out of her lunch box. “Shall we?”

“We shall.”

After cupcakes we won’t see each other until practice so until then I will have to go through the day without my soul support of entertainment and sugary food. The hardest part of the day is already behind me so in no time at all I will be getting dressed and ready for Frisbee.



hope you all had a green st. Patty’s day i know i did. 


so I am currently in the middle of a really nice spring break. i am in new jersey at my house that i grew up in and i had not been excited to come home because i love college but i am glad i came home. i had been getting sick so break aloud me to do a ton of sleeping and so far very little school work but that is okay there is a time and place for that i’ll stress about it later. i have seen a few friends from highschool and the slightly older kids on my block (Ewa and Jackson) who i went to my sr. prom with i’m sure they will be talked about more later at some point. 

Well to bribe me home for break my mom got both of us tickets to see cinderella on broadway because one of my favorite people is in it limited engagement Carly Rae Jepson. so i was in the same room with her which was cool and it was nice to be in new york city and all that good stuff. i thought the show was okay and carly has a sweet voice but if i could pick any show to see i would have considered a different one like kinky boots or the newsies but that is a different thing entirely. 

so this post is just going to be pictures from my New York Adventure.


so there was this interactive sculpture on display in between the train and theater so the idea was you found your astronomical house stood at the designated section and loooked into the peep holes the person you saw should be compatible with you based off of the horoscope match making. 


There is me standing on Leo looking for my match, i found a little old lady, we both laughed about it but it was fun.


so this one is self explanitory, but quick story i took this while waiting in line but there was a second line not for cinderella but for lorde on one of the late night shows so when ever a new person came by they would ask which line is cinderella and the lorde kids were pretty fed up with all of us. 


me and my mom in the second to last row of the theater 


the stage when the show starts


sorry about the quality, the fairy god mother and cinderella


so that is my New York day of fun and it would not have been complete with out a soft pretzel so yummy. thanks for reading!


Good Days

so i have had an amazing week there were a few bum[s in the road but overall they barely matter. i have a beautiful short story that is largely fictitious but loosely based on true events (comment your guesses on what parts are true) sorry it’s not the best written thin i have two exams tomorrow and there for this is not as important. i had a vegetarian no no but i think i will flesh that out another time when i can give it a whole post. and there was this mean twitter page that i managed to be posted on it’s called @URIfashionsucks if you are on twitter please report it because it is cyber bullying. 

i learned yesterday that i am not failing any of my classes i am actually doing really well in everything. i have a fair deal of homework for my writing class to get done today but i know i can do it. yesterday was fat Tuesday or marti gras so i painted my nails and dressed quite festive, i preformed at an open mic and went to sleep smiling. i just learned that camp nanowrimo is open for the april sign up get on that and if you would like to be in my cabin you can request me my nanowrimo user name is okeefer19 even if we do not get into the same cabin feel free to send me nano mail i would love the encouragement and i would be happy to send some to you my writing friends. i will do a post on camp nano in april. 

next week i will be on spring break so that should be cool. lots of good stuff that is what you should be taking away from this i hope your day is a nice as mine is for two in a row. so now for the short story. 

Another Friday night I plan on sitting alone in my room watching TV and eating ice-cream like a lonely single girl. I have no problem with my plan actually it sounds really nice a good way to spend a night. But when plans come along that are even better how can I say no to this my friend inviting me to the local trampoline park. I can bounce away the loneliness by surrounding myself with friends and happy bouncing children.

I arrive in a mini van driven by my best friend Sarah the girl who invited me along in the first place. She brought a few of our mutual friends and her boyfriend James. He’s so nice and she is so pretty together they make me slightly jealous.  Sarah looks cute unlike me wearing gym shorts and a school t shirt. I look like I am going to gym class and Sarah looks like she is on a date. Oh how our wardrobes explain our life.

We all bounce jumping from square to square each tile a single trampoline and the edges are angled up for trick jumps. I am too fearful to flip but I can fly and boy does that feel like a rush of relief. Each jump propelling me into the air even if only for a short while. There are loads of children half my height but only a few teenagers. There is one boy with dark hair and a little stubble on his face I feel like he keeps looking at me but that may be in my mind. There are after all only so many things to look at and better to stare at me than a six year old. After bouncing for half an hour I take a break by getting in line for the foam pit. It has all of these huge green and grey colored cubes of foam that you can jump right into. I have never done something like this before but it seems cool. Like diving into a pool of water but no risk of a painful belly flop.

I reach the front of the line, my heart is pounding, I run for the pool I want to flip but not now this is a test run to see that all is safe. My body hits the cubes and sinks in, I am surrounded by neon green and muted grey. Yet I feel light and loose like I had been locked into place in the middle of a jigsaw puzzle and now the whole picture has be shattered, broken into a thousand cardboard pieces and I am one of them. The sharp double toot from the attendant’s whistle make me slowly grow aware of reality once again but I am truthfully stuck in bliss. I flail around but my footing goes nowhere, I need help to escape but being trapped is amazing. The attendant is angered but does not come to my rescue. Instead it is the boy from the trampolines who kept looking at me, he reaches out a hand. I wiggle and stretch and our touch feels electric, the wattage coursing through our body’s is a distraction from leaving the foam heaven.

“Looked like you could use a hand.” Says the boy, as he pulls me up to eye level. His are grey with a tint of green and I can’t help myself for thoughts I am having for him. We kiss. Because I feel like I have to do something to him with him or else we will both be two lost puzzle pieces that may never find their place next to each other.

I thought his touch was electric but if so then this is radioactive, I have never been kissed before and now I really want to be kissed again. “What’s your name?” I ask my dreamy eyed first.

“Lucas” he whispers and I am all of the way out of the pit, being escorted to the exit. “And you are,”

“Amanda, can I kiss you again?”

“Yeah.” Lucas whispers. He runs his hands through my hair and it feels good but it is not the fire that came from the first time.

We exchange numbers and decide to start going out, but over the next few months the novelty wears off more and more, I realize I am not in love at least not with Lucas. I think about leaving but I would have nowhere to go so I stay until he drops the puzzle that we spent six months putting together claiming we had grown apart. I could not have agreed more. And that we need to see other people. The night of our break up I do not cry, although I am sad about losing my boy I did not lose my love and now I have a chance to find the person who makes me feel not just once but all the time. I am not a puzzle piece at all instead I am another metaphor but I haven’t figured out what the right one is yet. 



watching a movie for film in the library before the real work gets started. (the godfather part 1)