Nailed February

so i am very busy this week as i have been for the last few and at this point if feels like i will never have a moment to myself. but for now i just want to say no matter how crazy my life is at face value it a wonderful beautiful life that i would not want to trade ever for anything.

I have officially been elected the secratary of URI TV Media club and that is really awesome. i have so much school work and sorority stuff that this weekly update will be short sorry.

now for nail art


this was the first one i did after the last nail art post. based on the arazona iced tea can


it was a bit too early for full on valintines day nail art so this was the begining


love letters


i know they are simple but i had them done for the second time in my life by a professional


heart beat 


at this point it was after the day of love so i went for a simple slate grey


legally blond themed nails because i took a practice LSAT the lawyer SAT’s i got a 133 which is not Harvard material but then again i did not study. 


these are my sorority colors and the yellow blob is suposed to me our flower the yellow chrysanthemum. 


so that is the nail art for febuary i will have anothe one of these next month. if there is somehting you want to see me do leave a comment and if you recreate one you can post it or put it up on the Rachelrecaps face book page. which you should like if you like my blog.

so for now back to studying.




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