So I don’t know what to tell you I am super busy and realizing that I just may be in over my head. I have 18 credits this semester with 3 of the classes being sciences and I am in more clubs that I can count. Yesterday was so stressful I had two exams and I don’t feel wonderful about either.

I have no really cool news for you guys, practice LSAT this weekend and if there were less snow and ice on the quad I would have the first quidditch game of the semester but that is not a promising thing right now.

I don’t know if any of my readers play candy crush but I do, a lot. And the article about how the idea and design of candy crush was stolen from the independent app developer of candy swipe I thought it would be a good idea to stop playing candy crush and switch to swipe. The only problem is I need to paly candy crush or I get rater worked up and candy swipe is an okay game for about ten minutes but there is not a defined enough objective and none of my friends play so there is no one to beat but myself. So after going through 2 days of withdrawal I went back to playing. If you have not read the article and want to here is the link.

I don’t know where you live but I need it to stop snowing here. There is so much snow and now it is starting to melt and be slush and I keep falling down and that relates to this week’s post. This is a poem I wrote a few days ago that is perfect for this time of year.

The world is wrapped up in a blanket of white powder but colder than it was without it.

Walking out the door embracing the fluttering snowflakes hitting my face and flirting with me hair.

I smile wide but less luminescent than the white snow.

I want to run and play and make a mess

Soak my clothes

Then warm up with a hot coco

But that is for the younger me

The me of days long in the past

Today is not my scheduled playdate with the weather

Today is day of work

Walk to school and buckle down

You may even learn something new

I feel like no one is out here

In the world enjoying the wondrous place I am currently in

Not to say I am alone but to say I am brave

With each step I blaze a trail

Leaving behind footprints

A reminder that I exist

I scoop some snow into my mittened hands

Two choices, cup together to result in a snowball

Or blow the flakes free for one last chance

To flutter down to earth

Deep breathe to in

Accelerated pace

Puff out and


A patch of ice

The flakes in my hand fall freely towards me

Me falling towards the cement

No harm done

Nothing left to do but laugh it off.


sorry that the words are in reverse my web cam mirrors everything.

also take note that my roommate Abbie hennaed my hand beautifully. 


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