This has been a week where I feel like things keep getting pushed to a later date. I won’t go into it too much but I wanted to mention it. This morning I was really excited because Carly Rae Jepson was going to be on Kelly and Michael and it comes on at nine live but for some reason in Rhode Island it airs at ten so I sat through a really boring show trying to do chem homework in the lounge (I didn’t get much done). Yesterday there was supposed to be a voting for secretary of TV Media club and I think I will get the position but one of the people in the running for an executive position skipped the meeting so we postponed the vote (hopefully next week I will have good news to report on the subject.) Yesterday I tried to donate blood and was rejected for low iron by one iron point so I went again today and was rejected again but I guess I already knew I would be.

Tomorrow I am accepting my bid into sigma alpha the science academic sorority so I have to get a lot more done today, that is why this post didn’t get up hours ago, I have to priorities and use this for productive procrastination.

I am posting a chapter of Collin and Jade my NANOWRIMO story from this most recent November, this is chapter two the first one from Collin’s POV.

Chapter 2 Collin

I hustle out of the locker room in order to make it to the west gymnasium before getting a tarty. I hate it when my ancient Greek teacher keeps us in class past the bell because then I am late for gym. This semester we are playing badminton which is far better than rugby, it’s all pretty chill because it’s just gym class but sometimes I get winded. Rugby is so violent and I have asthma attacks when I get too much exercise. I am in a class that is mostly juniors and seniors but I got in with a note from my doctor advising I do not exert myself too much so the school made an exception and let me take an easy class as a sophomore.  It doesn’t matter much because most of the freshman sophomore gym classes are set up to get us interested in a varsity sport and then we get exempt from gym and put into study hall. It may sound like a good deal but that is so much more work and I cannot play competitive sports I just wasn’t made for it.

My light jogging pace gets me to class on time but I have to sit down after coach marks me as present. I fix my glasses and double check the left pocket of my sweat shorts to see my inhaler is in there, I feel like this is going to be one of these days when I will need it to breath.

“Double up guys I want to see pair’s games today and there should be no sitting around if there are empty courts. Grab a racket and get playing.” Coach shouts to us and then blows his whistle twice meaning begin game play.

I scan the room none of the guys here are my friends which makes sense we don’t have anything in common, nobody ever wants to be my partner because that is basically signing up to loose.  I will get a partner once there is no one left in the room. Occasionally when there is an odd number of people coach pairs up with me and then I can actually win but it’s not fair because I don’t do anything but stand on the court.

I get a racket that has black tape on the handle to make it easier to hold onto and a highlighter yellow shuttle. I decide to practice by myself before my partner gets stuck with me. I count how many times I can consecutively hit the shuttle up in the air before missing it. I get to six which is good for me and I may have done better but I am so shocked that someone wants to play with me that I forget about playing with myself and speechlessly nod my head.

“It looks like you warmed up without me, that’s fine I shouldn’t pull anything today it’ll be a nice easy set right Collin.”

The boy who is talking to me is Jacob Wilkins this year’s star soccer player of the Junior Varsity team. There are rumors that he was suspended form the varsity team for getting caught giving a soccer girl from Anna Lee’s drugs, enough to get her really messed up. The girl moved to another school district because of all the negative publicity that she was getting here.  Jacob claims it was not him because he does not deal but I think he smokes occasionally and he could have slipped something to that girl and she would not have questioned what she was taking. I do know that loads of girls find him attractive, they would come to the soccer games with posters and cheer for “J money” his on court nick name but now in his junior year he was demoted to JV and has to take a gym class for credit because only varsity gets us out of class. It may be hard to be popular like that but I will never know firsthand, popular people avoid me and that’s fine.

“I have to ask, are you pairing up with me because you lost a bet?” It would not be the first time that has happened to me sadly enough.

“No dude, I just felt like not trying today and I would lose anyway with you so coach should not notice that my performance is lacking.” Then Jacob shrugs his perfectly tan shoulders like his comment was as casual as talking about the weather and not completely insulting to my entire being.

It is true that we will lose but now I really want to try and show Jacob that just because I am an uncoordinated glasses wearing chess player with asthma does not mean that he is better than me. I have long arms so maybe I can use that to my advantage and score a few points today. This will be a challenge but I can win even without Jacob’s help, like the little engine that could positive attitude is most of the battle won.  It would be the coolest thing to show Jacob up if I outperform him today people may start to respect me more, I need this win. This could change my life, make the guys see me differently and then maybe it will trickle down to the girls and I could have a chance with one of them. I would love to have to have a girlfriend, a nice, funny smart good looking girl to hang out with and have fun with nothing too serious is needed but someone to be with so I am not so alone all the time. It gets lonesome like I live a celebrity lifestyle without the glitz and glamor just the empty hotel rooms.

“Jacob I want to win today with or without you helping me out. Let’s do this.” I say confidently

“Yeah right Collin, have you ever won in a sport game ever because if so I hope you got it on film to relive your single glory day.”

“In fact I used to play kid t ball and I was okay at that.”

“Really, what happened?” Jacob asks

“I had a hard time hitting the ball when it was moving so I quit after getting hit a few too many times.” It’s not pretty but it’s the truth.

Jacob bursts out laughing to the point where he is actually hitting his knee with the racket. “Dude that is the saddest thing I have ever heard, what did you do close your eyes when the ball came towards you?”

“Actually yes, I still do but the shuttles are far lighter and I don’t have to fear getting a bruise if I get hit with one. I can be aggressive as long as I do not get an asthma attach I have a chance. “

“You keep telling yourself that one, if it gets really bad like fifteen to one you can always fake asthma and forfeit. Bro I can see you have such a sad life, whatever I can try to help you win this match but that would be doing you a favor bro.”

Why in the world would Jacob Wilkins do me a favor, we are not friends or anything. This is probably the second time we have ever talked and the first one was superficial. Last year he was doing a soccer fundraiser at the super market and asked if I would donate change to the team.  I guess it just is not too important to Jacob, he has nothing to lose it’s not like there is a permanent record for the badminton games and coach may have even yelled at him for being lazy today if he does not try so this is a win win even if we still lose.

“I think I only owe you if we actually win because otherwise you really wouldn’t have done anything to favor me.”  I say and toss Jacob the shuttle.

“Fair enough, let’s beat some guys with our birdie.” Jacob obviously does not take the sport seriously because if he did he would call the “birdie” by its proper name of shuttle. “C-dog take right court I have left that way I’ll start the serve.”

“Sounds like a play J-money”

We walk over to an empty court and allow the competition to come to us; no one is sure how to evaluate us. Normally any team with me on it is an easy win but J-money is coordinated and does not have a depth perception problem, he tends to be a hard advocacy.  If you average our abilities we are still pretty bad thanks to me but the game is not played by numbers but by people with ambitions and spirit and in this case strong will power.

Two guys come up to our court they are both seniors but right now that does not make much difference to me. They have no idea what they just signed up for by stepping onto my court. I am starting to feel super competitive and there is an odd buzz going through my body it must be the adrenalin and excitement.

I turn to Jacob. “The anticipation is killing me can we start already?”

“Sure thing dude. You guys ready?” The other team nods, “zero serving zero.” And then Jacob executes a beautiful full swing forehand serve that goes over the net and the game has begun.

The other team is ready to return the serve and the shuttle goes right into my part of the court I reach out and connect with it. But my angle must have been miscalculated because the shuttle gets caught in the net and does not make it over to score our first point.  We lost serve control as well.

“Sorry Jacob, I’ll try harder next time.” I really am sorry.

“It does not matter this is a ten point game anything can happen and you hit it so that’s something right.”

That is true this is improvement even if it was still bad. I have to start somewhere so hitting into the net is better than letting the shuttle hit the floor. Focus is key right now I have to be on my “A” game or I will not be victorious.  The other side has their players shuffle around. I bounce in place to get pumped; it is totally working and possibly even distracting the other team. At this point I will do whatever I can to up my chances of willing except for cheating because that is morally bankrupt and all around a terrible thing. I do not understand how bad people can live with themselves; it is simply unfathomable to me.

“One serving zero.” The other team does not even seem to care.

Jacob lays it over the net and then has a back and forth for three moves. Then he decides to switch things up and angle the birdy toward the unexpected opponent and we get our first point. Making the score set for a tied games. I hug Jacob who does not even know how to react to this.

“C-dog, not cool it’s one point in a stupid gym class not winning goal of the world cup.” Jacob gives me a slight push to get me off him.

I just never do well but this feeling makes it so worth it. To feel like a winner it is physically exhilarating, I want to feel more of this. Turn me into a jock if that’s what it takes I would do it. I have never felt like I this before this is a beautiful feeling I want to share and spread so others can feel as good as I do in this single moment.

I play the rest of the game on a serious natural high and boy oh boy it feels great. The whole class flights by and nothing felt as amazing as the first point that come to think about it I was not very involved in the actual win we had. But best of all was the teamwork and comradery that comes from a team sport. I feel almost sad that I missed out on. Next quarter I want to sign up for an easy sport no more gym class I have been spoiled by the better option and do not know if I can ever go back.  I will have to discuss with Jacob what the best next move would be for me entering into the sport world. I will have to find him at lunch, unless he finds me first about the favor I now owe him.


there may be a bonus post this week for a certain holiday and also a girl who is about to have sisters but that second thing may become a later Wednesday post

Me minutes after getting my bid!!!!



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