Snow Unfair

Today I have a snow day the second one of my college life and again it’s on a Wednesday, the day I have no classes and need to get a boat load of homework done in order to not fail my classes. The problem is that if everyone has the day off I am far less productive because of all the distractions (friends, roommates, general snow day shenanigans.) but unrelated to that a bunch has been happening. I got nominated to run for secretary of URI TV Media club. I have to write a one minute speech and I’m sure there will be a whole story about that next week.

I have started to do valentines themed nail art and all of those photos will go up on the last Wednesday of the month. Last night I went to a Sigma Alpha sorority mingle thing and I had fun so if they want me I may be rushing a sorority, something I never planned on but am really excited for after watching Greek on netfilx.

In the way of homework I have an excel that makes very little sense to me right now, a writing assignment about how successful the Frozen trailer is and two labs (chem and bio) there are some small things too but those are the majority of the heavy lifting and all need to get done today.

I will be having a fun movie day in my friend Craig’s dorm room, all the Gorham Groupies (friends in my dorm) are coming together with pillows blankets popcorn and some movies, I hope for Meggamind I love that movie.

This week I am going to put up a script for a sitcom that I pitched in high school that never got picked up and produced. Here is the first episode.  

Studio sitcom demo script

STACY and NORMA OVERACT! Stacy is super happy norma is clueless

(Norma enters Mr. Curtin’s room shake hands)

Norma: hello Mr. Curtin I am Norma McKay and I was told you are the person to come to about signing up for clubs

Mr. C: that is true; do you have any interests or talents?

Norma: yes! Balloon animals but I don’t know how to make them and there is no club for that so what do you recommend?

(Hands Norma a clip board)

Mr. Curtin: well I just happen to have a list of clubs right here that seem to have a lack of interest. If any of these seem like something you want to be part of sign your name next to the club’s description.

(Norma quick glance and signs name on every line returns the clipboard, Norma gets up to go)

Mr. Curtin: um Norma did you mean to sign up for all of them or do you normally sign your name that big?

Norma: As long as you’ll allow it I was planning on signing up for all the clubs!

Mr. Curtin: alright have fun with all of you new activities and if something is not working out leave a letter in my office

Norma: alright Mr. Curtin I will and you have a nice day

Mr. Curtin: you too Norma

(Norma leaves room smiling walks down hall and grabs a list of clubs go to gallery for photography Stacy jumps out from behind the wall snaps a pic of startled Norma)

Stacy: you must be Norma that new member that Mr. Curtin was talking about.

Norma: yeah I am but how did he tell you I signed up less than a minute ago. 

Stacy: the walls in this school are paper thin (stacy rip a piece of paper. Both listen to ppl talking on the other side) you might want to remember that sweetie.(giggle) Do you want to see your picture? (Show Norma the camera screen.) I think I will call it bad first impression.(arm motion)

Norma: I look terrible please delete it now.

Stacy: no, sweatie I like it, it’s the perfect live action shot for my portfolio. Actually while I’m speaking of portfolios did you bring yours?

Norma: sorry I do not have one, I have never held a real camera before my mom made me use the kiddie disposable ones with princesses and…

(Stacy hands her camera to Norma) Stacy: well everyone starts somewhere I guess, I want you to get a good shot of Stacy?(frame yourself with hands)

Norma: okay that sounds easy enough, but who’s Stacy

Stacy: me

Norma: (hold camera the wrong way multiple times Stacy fix it verbally or physically)(Norma snap a photo of floor)

(tries and fails at holding camera Stacy verbally help)

Stacy: let me see the camera, (grab it and look) not bad for a first try, very… new school artistic but next time don’t let your finger cover the lenses and keep it pointed at me not the floor. Try again

(Norma nods tries and does poorly again, gets upset starts mini tantrum)

Stacy: calm down it’s okay don’t hurt yourself or the equitant. That is enough for today how about I show you my portfolio and tell you about the techniques I used to create these pictures.

Norma (sniffle) that sounds nice, you’re nice

Stacy: thank you, sweetie you nice too(sit next to Norma and side hug and pet norma’s head), just remember not everyone is going to succeed at everything they try especially on the first try.(tap Norma’s nose) Keep at it and you will get better. While this is my passion your passion might be something else like balloon animals, and that is fine. Think how boring the world would be if ever single person was good at the same thing, talents and unique abilities make you special for me its photography and for you it’s, it’s um…? Sweetie what is your talent?

Norma: I don’t have one but I signed up for a bunch of clubs hoping to find something

Stacy: alright there is effort on your part and you will find something I am sure of it. I promise before the end of the year you will have more friends than you can count on one hand and a cornucopia of mastered hobbies.

Norma: I do not believe you but thanks for the pep talk. I needed it. (look at watch) oh dear me it’s getting late my mom should be here to pick me up any minute so I have to go but thank you for everything!(turn to leave)

Stacy: sweetie will I see you at the next meeting?

Norma: I don’t know this might not be right for me. But if you want me to keep coming I will because I think you are cool

Stacy: I think I am more than cool I am awesome and someone as sweet as you deserves awesome friends don’t you agree. I don’t want to wait for next week’s meeting. You know what if you ever want to talk to me at lunch I should be sitting outside by the tree of knowledge, hope to see you soon sweetie.

Norma:  yeah I’ll totally find you! I really have to leave but I am glad we met (give Stacy a hug) I’ll see you at lunch

Stacy: yeah see ya’

(Read letter in voice over)

(Norma leaves room sit at chair checks off photo clubs writes letter and slides under door.)

Dear Mr. Curtin

I do not think photograph my passion but i think I will keep going because the president Stacy is so nice.(even though she calls me sweetie) Though I have not found a hobby for life I have found a friend –truly Norma McKay.

(Screen fades to black, music plays, roll credits end of episode 1)




Get out in the snow and dress appropriately (meaning sun dress and boots.) 🙂


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