Nailed January!

I have decided that for the last Wednesday of the month i will post all of the nail art i have done during the month. I will be putting a few extras in this month because i didn’t decide on this in the beginning of the month so i don’t have pictures of the first few weeks of nail art this month. I am really excited about these though because i put so much time into my nail art it will be great to share it with the world. i have three pictures of things i did this month (in the last like week or so) and i will put those first, followed by three i have done in the past.

Imagethese are my cupcake nails that i did for a cupcake war event that was held in the basement of my dorm building.


ImageI did these as a back to school design with the pencil paper apple and the thumb is A+ but the photo didn’t capture it very well.


Imagethese are what i currently have on my fingers they are converse shoes, continuing on the whole back to school thing.


Imageharry potter themed nails. a golden snitch, harry’s glasses and lightning bolt the deathly hallows and Hogwarts house colors.

If you did not know Harry potter is a huge part of my life between Quidditch and a very potter musical.

ImageImageI loved these they were live and love. i love 4 letter words they make writhing on my finger nails so much easier than cramming everything together. also they are good things to remember. life is for living and loving and having fun, in the end those are the things that matter not what your SAT scores are or how many people come to your wedding but how much fun you have in the life you are living.

I think i totally nailed it this week with the nail art and the post. next month it will be all form February, if you have ideas of what you want to see me do i take recommendations and i love painting my nails creatively as well as a challenging task. (It just might give me an excuse to look up more nail tutorials. I love those things.)

Have a beautiful week and comment I really want to know that people are enjoying this because it is work that i don’t mind doing but i want know i am doing alright before I keep wandering aimlessly through the blogaverse.




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