Snow Day Effect

Happy Wednesday. For the first time of my short college career URI decided to give us a snow day but we only have two inches of snow and I do not have class today or any of the other Wednesdays this semester. So this is a snow day or no effect for me it’s just cold and white outside.


So much has happened since last week when I posted. I met Dane West who if you remember from a few posts ago is my local film inspiration and idol. I found out I am seeing Carly Rae Jepsen on Broadway as Cinderella in march and I saw Disney on ice for the first time. As you can tell I love the movie frozen and so on the first night back at college me and my close group of dorm mates (the Gorham groupies) got together and saw frozen. This is my third time seeing the movie and I had to sing along a bit even though some of the people had not yet seen it. I love being back at school and tomorrow will be my first day of spring semester classes starting with 8am writing. I hope some of the writing I do there will be stuff I can publish on the blog. This week I am putting up the first chapter of my nano from Nov 2013. This was the first time of my three attempts to finish 50000 words of a novel in a month but the story is still far from finished.

Chapter 1 of Collin and Jade


Time is such a complex thing, like I don’t understand where it all goes . I planned to study and not fail this bio exam but then time decided to slip away and leave me staring blankly at a huge test first thing in the morning. Well the only good thing so far for me since waking up would have to be the fact that I look adorable I find time to look good. I could tell it would be one of those days that I would need to do little things in order to lift my spirits and distract form the at best D I am going to get in biology. So I woke up early and curled my hair in perfect long brown ringlets that bounce against my arms. I am wearing a flouncy evergreen dress with white polka dots and tossed on top is my mandatory red blazer. I put my black penny loafers on and choose the shortest socks I have that will not give me a demerit.  I keep getting distracted form this test, it’s just so not what I want to do right now.

I look at my exam again maybe if I try to focus I could eliminate the really bad options and then have a better chance at guessing the right one. Or just choose C if you all else fails. I love my SAT prep course it is so helpful for not failing school. I am only a sophomore like seriously this should not be hard. Why in the world do I go to such a prestigious school? It makes life so much more difficult.  In public school I could get points for like writing my name and date on the top of the page but at Anna Lee’s School for Girls I may as well be in college. I am only fifteen and totally not ready to go off into the world like that so school is definitely the hardest thing I do.

I bite the tip of my pen the first question is killer I don’t even understand what is being asked of me. Over and over I read the one sentence that ends in a question mark and my brain is bringing me nothing there is no mental bridge between cellular respiration and water. I skip it but the next three seem to be no better. I flip to the last page thinking maybe Mrs. Patten saved the easiest for last. That was wishful thinking the last page is all word problems that seem convoluted. I give up I can hear the gears in my head slow down to a stop. Time to pretend I know what I am doing and underline. I mark up the test to make it look like I was struggling but I sort of knew what I was talking about. I leave nothing unanswered but put down C way more than could possibly be correct. I have no hope for the open ended questions unless Mrs. Patten is feeling liberal with giving out partial credit.

My watch tells me that there is only nine minutes left in class. That is just a bit too long to fake looking over my work and I can’t get caught doodling on the desk or the exam again without risking double detention. So I let my mind wander away from my body that is stuck in the ever so boring school I attend. I start thinking about the boys at the brother school down the road. Sir James Prep. I would love to go out with a guy form SJ, one of the sporty ones that plays basketball or soccer, tall fit and preferably tan.  The only ones who seem to have an eye for me are nerds. The guys who are the farthest thing away from my description of arm candy boyfriend. I used to be friends with Collin McEwan who turned out to be a king of losers. He is pale as paper, and more of a mathlete than an athlete. He plays chess on the travel team and wears thick framed glasses that make his face look baby fat cute. I feel confident saying that because we were friends growing up. That is the best of my pitiful options; he is so far from setting off any hot guy radars. I don’t understand why the bottom dwellers like him and his posse think we can be seen together leave alone hang out or date.  Though if Collin or another nerd asked me out I would honestly have to consider because nothing else is coming my way.

I realize I play on the Ultimate Frisbee team which may not be first draft varsity pick but it is leaps and bonus better than having to take a gym class and it’s just for the fall season. I haven’t had to change for gym class since middle school back when I was still flat and awkward. Those were not the best of times but at least I have grown out of the awkwardness that was my younger self. Public school is a place where I left all those awful memories, there are so many but very few that are really worth dwelling on. I wonder if that is how everyone thinks about their past self.

“Damn it” I angrily whisper to myself.  I hadn’t been focusing on mindlessly daydreaming and now I have little drawings all over my paper. Black leaves falling from an invisible tree. Leaves and trees are my favorite thing to draw. They remind me of my favorite season autumn when the world dies a bit but puts on a beautiful display while doing so. I only have two minutes now, I have no idea how to hide my doodles. I scan the room most of the students are doing a final check over their work but a few are still working hard to get something down for every question. Deep breath, Mrs. Patten won’t mind too much at least I hope. Reasonably the worst case would be she deducts a point for defacing the test, I really need every point I earned but as long as I don’t do it again maybe I can apologize and use a pencil next time even though I love pens.

Pencil is uneven in quality, it has to be sharpened and is a childish writing utensil. Children make mistakes and need to erase, adults are less malleable and have earned the privilege of using pens professionally. And biggest of all as sad as it is pens are better for biting on, no eraser bits that I would end up eating. I came to this conclusion in my art class about a year ago. The professor of my community college art class taught us to choose a medium and work with it not against it. I choose pen and ink; it’s beautiful like calligraphy or working with a quill old school art. An artist’s medium says a lot about their personality and views of the world. I have a stubborn personality and see thing as very black and white, which is perfectly portrayed in my art. It’s clear cut and dark and commonly abstract because art is my only outlet that I do for myself. The only place my artwork can be seen is my house, it’s not really for other people but my mom thinks it’s brilliant to have my best work framed for display around the house. When my friends come over they occasionally ask who is the artist and I get to be conceded and talk about my work.

“Hand in your tests and go to homeroom I will have the grades on egbook by Monday.” Mrs. Patten’s speaking wakes me from my daze completely.

I stand up tuck in my chair and toss my standard issue canvas messenger bag.  I kick in my chair and swiftly shuffle my test papers so the doodle page in on the bottom and my answer sheet is on top. I still have my pen at hand when I reach the front of the room and extend my papers to Mrs. Patten.

“Jade please put your name on the answer sheet so you can receive credit. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.”

It’s true she shouldn’t, “Sorry Mrs. Patten.” I quickly draw my prim and proper cursive name at the top of the page. Jade A. Norbert. “Have a good day.” It can’t hurt to give a put in a nice word after looking like an idiot. With that I leave the room at a hasty pace before my classmates can see the bright blush that is spreading across my face like a forest fire.

“Jade wait up.”

I turn around to see Becca chasing after me. She is pretty much my best friend weather I want her to be or not. We have the same schedule and have similar interests so we constantly are together by proxy. She’s not that bad I actually like her most of the time it’s just sometimes she gets on my nerves because we are always together.

“So Becca what did you think of the test?”

“It wasn’t as bad as I had expected why what did you think of it?” Becca asks confident in me.

“I think I failed it, can we study together for the next one because I think I am going to need serious help to pass bio at all.” I want to tell her how she is so lucky that science is easy for her because the rest of the world has to struggle through while she excels.

“Sure thing we could study before Frisbee practice or in study hall or if you really need more help we can have a dinner and a study date.” Becca chuckles at the lamest word play joke. She tends to do that it bothers me after lunch because that is when I approach my Becca limit for the day.

“Thanks Becca you are a real life saver you know that right.”

“I’m not, but thank you for thinking so highly of me.” Becca rummages through her bag without mentioning anything, we keep walking. “I thought you may have a hard time on the test so I made you something.”

Becca holds out a Tupperware container with a green lid. I take form her and inside is a beautiful vanilla cup with perfect pink and white swirled frostings and rainbow sprinkles. When Becca does things like this it is impossible for me to dis like her. She is the most thoughtful person I know and her creativity is far more productive than mine. I draw while she bakes and decorates her edible artwork.

I give Becca a hug careful to keep the cupcake from getting messed up. “Thank you for knowing exactly what I needed before I even knew for myself.”

“What are best friends for, I have one for me too but if you need it I will give it to you at lunch.”

I put the top back onto the container and hold it out to Becca “Could you hold onto it till lunch we can eat them together and make everyone jealous of what we have.”

Becca smacks my but playfully and we both break out laughing in the middle of the hall way full of girls going to class. I’m pretty sure she knew that I meant a great friendship and homemade baked goods but it’s hilarious that she would flip my statement into people being envious of our bodies. We are fit girls, we have to be I do a sport year round Frisbee in the fall, swimming in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. I go to the gym four times a week on top of the sport practice work outs and practices, so yeah I can see how people could be jealous of my hot bod but it won’t stay that way if I eat two cupcakes every time I feel bad about myself. I am also pretty sure nobody actually wants to be me, I am not a looser but I am far from popular.

“I appreciate the ego boost and the yummy treat but I think it’s time for class,” we are standing in front of the doorway for Lit we take the class together but sit on opposite sides of the room because of the assigned seating. Alphabetically Norbert, Jade and Adams, Rebecca places Becca in the first row and me in the middle of the class. Even though there are only fifteen people maximum in any given class here the desks are spread out to keep people from cheating.

An hour and fifteen minutes before we can go to lunch break and eat our scrumptious pick me up deserts. Literature may be a harder class to sit through then bio today just because I have something so great to look forward to. I decide that I should put my sketch pad in my binder to hide it in plain sight on my desk this way I can draw without getting in as much trouble.

We are currently reading Shakespeare of your choice. Becca and I are the only two people in the class who chose the Tempest.  It’s pretty cool I haven’t finished but so far it has magic, a controlling father figure, love and slave master conflict. Because it is a comedy everything is going to work out in the end and someone will get married Shakespeare was so predictable. Lots of the girls chose to read Romeo and Juliette but that is so over done I am glad to be more original than those girls.

Madam Elizabeth enters the classroom and the room goes silent. “Good morning Class, get out your scripts we have a lot to work on today.”

Man I was really using wishful thinking that it would be an easy day. My script is a photocopy that I put into my binder when I first got it so I already have it out. And I have my extra cutesy pink highlighter has a clip to hook into my binder so I have everything I need in front of me already. I don’t love the color pink but I find it necessary to pretend I do.

My favorite color is a midnight blue the kind that sky is before it is completely black. There is something so complex about it, such a fleeting color hard to catch in real life leave alone duplicate for art. One of my all-time favorite pieces of my art work is a painting I did for my class because we were working with acrylics that week and so I had to do something with color. I spent the whole first class working on getting a navy blue to become the true midnight blue that I needed. I got close but it wasn’t the same to the way the sky naturally looks. Once I was close enough I painted the whole canvas deep midnight and let that dry. Then on top I put autumn leaves fluttering in a gust of wind to look like the wind had stirred up a late night fire.  It’s not framed because it was already on canvas and that is the piece I hung over my bed so every day I get to come home and see my masterpiece.

“Get into groups by row and discuss any langue problems you have had so far in your reading. When you figure them out go ahead annotate act three, that’s the homework for tonight so you can get a head start.” Madam Elizabeth seems to be nicer today than normal, we always have tons of homework and this is a rare occurrence to get ahead in class. I am not complaining though.

We form five groups of three, I have Darby and Marry who both have worn copies of Romeo and Juliet in their hands. This class may not be a hard one but I just want it to be over. I don’t move because I am the middle so both girls pull chairs over to huddle around my desk.

“Let’s get this over with.” I say with my best fake smile.


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