Fighting winter break boredom

So I am still on my winter break and I am really sick of being home because I have very little to do. I visited my old high school to go to environmental club and see a few teachers, I will have to see the rest of the ones I liked on Friday when I go to improve club. I watch lots of TV and knit but it will be nice to have class start up again in two weeks. I should be doing more writing because I have time but it just hasn’t been happening. My writing goals were to get 10000 words added onto my Nano and write a screenplay to be produced into a short movie through the film club. Unfortunately all the writing I have done is blog posts and face book comments.

This week’s post I am posting a short story that I wrote yesterday right after I wrote up the previous paragraph and did not finish so I did it today.  I don’t have a name for it but short story here it is.


Short story Jan 8 2014

“Cut it out.” I say seriously harshly to my dog Jonah. He won’t shut up and that is making it impossible for me to listen to my voice mail messages.

I have three missed messages and one text message, this is what happens when you sleep in on a Saturday morning and your mom is out on a business trip. Two of the calls are from my mom; the other missed phone activity is from my boyfriend Ronny. I want to hear what my mom has to say so I can properly respond and plan the rest of my day. Jonah has found a stuffed animal to destroy and become less barky.

I put the pass code into my phone to play the messages my mom’s first message “Hey Sophie I just want to know that you are okay, there is food in the fridge for breakfast, make yourself a bagel sandwich. I miss you already but I will be home on Monday with lots of pictures and stock piled love from Chicago.” I press one to continue to the next message “Hey Sophie I haven’t heard back from you what is happening I hope everything is okay please call me.”

The next message is not from my mom it’s from Ronny “Are we still on for tonight? I hope we are I have something really nice planed for us.”

I exit my voice mail and call my mom she picks up on the second ring “Hi mom.”

“Sophie how is everything?”

“Good, sorry about not answering your calls I fell asleep. I haven’t even had my coffee.”

“Okay well I will let you go then glad to hear you are okay. Go eat and enjoy your day just make sure to pick up the phone when I call you or I start worrying.” My mom is concerned about me.

“Alright, bye mom, just make sure to get me a t-shirt, medium.”

“Can do bye soph.” and with that my mom hangs up.

I open the text from Ronny Come over when you can miss you babe

I text him back mom is staying out on work I can sleep over coming after my coffee.

I have the coffee pot running to make me my morning cup of wake up. So I decide to get dressed and pack an overnight bag. I strip off my pajamas and put them in the bag. I put on a floral dress that reminds me of spring. And I add clothes for tomorrow along with my toothbrush. I am packed in such perfect time for my coffee.

The pot auto turns off and I pour the dark substance in my favorite travel mug. I add half and half screw on the top and grab car keys while walking out the door.

The drive over was uneventful it only takes seven minutes to drive to Ronny’s house and I have done it so many times I can drive on mental auto pilot. This is good because I am barely awake.

Ronny lives in a cute little white house there is a door bell but I prefer the knocker, it feels so rustic.  Ron comes to the door “Hey babe glad you could make it.  “He kisses me lightly “did you tell your mom you were coming over?”

“No but I think she knows I was going to, I am almost eighteen it barely matters.”

“Cool, come in I have food for us.” Ronny graciously welcomes me in.

“I might not eat much of it.” I know Ronny knows but he tries to get me eat more but I don’t like morning food and I really don’t like it when Ronny watches me eat.

“I have it if you want but it’s more for me than for you.” Ronny says

There is a full out buffet of food eggs, bacon, muffins, and tatter tots. It’s way too much. I take a cranberry and orange muffin I don’t plan on eating more than the top of it though.

After breakfast we go to his living room and watch a movie on demand it’s a horror film perfect for snuggling up into him. I hate horror films there is no point. While not paying attention to the movie I noticed that Ronny’s chest in front of me is in my way. I feel like he is the biggest road block for me in this relationship. I do not love him I am only seventeen and I doubt he loves me. It’s been a while since I even thought I was in love with him but I hadn’t realized it before.

“Ron what are we doing tonight?” I need him to tell me but I don’t know what I need to hear from him.

“Babe I planned a surprise for you.”

“I don’t want to sleep with you.” It just comes out. My problem is not that I dislike Ron it’s that I am not ready to do it with him.

“I kind of that that,” He sighs. “But you are still sleeping over right.”

“I don’t know I packed a bag to stay here but I…” what I don’t even have an excuse I should break up with him but I don’t know if I want to do that either, it’s spring of senior year if I dump him now I won’t have a prom date but if I don’t there will only be more pressure to sleep with him as this school year comes to a close.

“Soph I know you don’t like surprises so I will give you a hint, we’re going to the Reservoir.” Ronny smiles a big toothy smile. The Reservoir is a really nice restraint that overlooks a reservoir.

“I don’t know Ron that seems way to nice I didn’t even put on makeup today.”

“You can use my sister’s if you feel the need but you are so beautiful and there is no need to impress me, I am trying to impress you. Babe do you feel alright?”

“Yeah, I was just thinking about the future.”

“Don’t worry you are smart you definitely got in to Drexel.” Ronny really cares about me but I don’t think I care about him. I got my acceptance letter days ago and just never told him. At least now I have something to hide behind.

“I just don’t know and it scares me that no matter what happens there is only going to be more pressure put on me for deciding to do something.”

“Don’t stress you are you and I love you for it, all the little worries make you cute just don’t let them consume your life, there is no time like the present to be happy.”

“Yeah thanks.” I hate Ronny’s positive spirit and outlook on the world. That is something I used to love about him, “can I step outside and make a call.”

“Feel free, should I pause the movie?”

“No you can keep watching.” I go to the sliding door that opens into the back yard witch has a porch. I sit in one of the chairs on the deck and call my mom, it goes to voice mail. “Hey mom I know you have work and are probs just in a meeting but I need to talk to someone. I want to break up with Ronny but I don’t know if I even can. We’ll have a lot to talk about tonight. Talk to you soon. I love you mom.” And I hang up.

As much as I want to stay out here alone I go back inside, Ronny doesn’t even look up when I come in. I sit on the couch about a foot away from Ronny. The distance he notices immediately.

“Babe what’s wrong?”


“Stop lying there are tears running down your face.” Ronny touches my cheek with his thumb and sure thing a tear drop. “You can tell me.”

“I know I can but I don’t think I can tell you anything else ever if I do.”
“Are you moving to Chicago?”

“No, I think I need to move away from our relationship though, you are just so nice and thoughtful and I don’t deserve it.”

Ronny actually starts laughing. I breathe in a sniffle sound resulting from it. “Why is that so funny?”

“It’s funny because I was thinking of breaking up with you but I thought you would be too crushed to go on. So I was waiting for tonight to decide to keep going or cut you lose.”

“In that case do you still want to go to dinner but as friends?” I ask

“That would be nice we’ll split the bill.” Ronny proposes.

“Or you could treat me for getting into Drexel.”

“Babe you got in that is so great.” Ronny is thoroughly enthused for me. “Fine my treat. You have a few hours so if you don’t mind I would like to spend them with my video games; I’ll pick you up at six. Be sure to look better than you do right now.’

“I thought I didn’t have to empress you.”

“You don’t but I also don’t have to be extra nice to you now that you’re not my girlfriend.”

“Fine enjoy your games. I’ll see you tonight.” I give Ronny a friendly hug and go to my car. There is still some coffee in my travel mug even though its cold I finish it off. It’s a relief to have finished that, now I feel free and happier than I have in quite some time.


i hope you enjoyed it and try to stay warm it’s freezing cold outside like 4 degrees freezing cold.


me bundled in knitting staying inside to keep warm






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