Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. I am hoping for a great year especially after I had such a wonderful 2013, I turned 18 graduated high school and started attending the college of my dreams. This is the first official post of my resolution and I want it to be on inspirations. At the moment I am inspired by so much but there would have to be five main people.

1)      Julia the writer girl. She has her own blog which I have been reading for over a year and a half, she is the person who inspired me to write for fun so this blog as well as two National Novel Writing Months (NaNoWriMo or just NaNo from here on out) and one camp NaNoWriMo. I really look up to Julia as a writer and a person, I am making this blog from her blog’s image until I figure out what I really want to do with it but she is my number one inspiration.

2)      Carly Rae Jepson. You may know her from the extremely catching song of the 2012 summer Call Me Maybe but she is so much more than that. I went to a high school that was really big on JB’s and so I knew about call me maybe before it hit the radio and I got to hear it daily on the announcements. Truthfully by the time the rest of the world had heard the song I felt over it until I realized how hipster it was to have known her before everyone else. When I saw her preform Kiss at the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade (sitting on the couch reading Julia’s blog.) I bought her album and fell in love with her music more than the one hit wonder that most people see CRJ as I see her as a musical inspiration. She is 28 and has two albums and an EP. She is about to make her Broad way as Cinderella and musically I wish I could write songs half as good as hers but I am not that gifted.

3)      Dane West. I have never met him but he is this guy that went to my high school and graduated the year before I got there. He produced and stared in this AM News show called Studio Sitcom senior class cougars. I love the show so much I got my tv production teacher to make me a DVD of it and then carried the DVD around all the time so I could get it signed by the graduated cast members if they ever visited. I have a couple of them but I never met Dane, because of him I tried to write scrips and I really found my love of film (editing especially). I am in URITV network club to stay involved in the film and tv media field and I am not sure I would feel this way if I hadn’t seen Dane’s work. Below is  a link to the first of thirteen episodes.

4+5) Abbie and Courtney. Better roommates than I could have asked for. They are the girls that have become my best friends and sisters and the crazy thing is we did not know each other until move in day.

To Courtney thank you for knowing when me and Abbie go to a new topic.

To Abbie thank you for introducing me to grapefruit and provoking conversations I never would have.

I am not lying you are amazing roommates and friends.


left to right Courtney me and Abbie.

so that is who inspires me the most if you want to comment about your inspirations i would love to hear who or what they are.


3 thoughts on “Inspirations

    1. wow i am so happy you read my blog that is in no way up to the standard of yours. it means a lot to me you are pretty much the only person who reads it. happy new year to you too.

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