Monthly Archives: December 2013

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS to those to celebrate and have a wonderful day for those who do notImage

So this is a huge national holiday and I have a cool picture to show how full of spirit I am. It’s me as a Christmas tree with my best friend from high school.

Anyway I am not ready to kick the blog into full production but for now to tide you over till New Year when I promise to put more effort into this thing here is a mini post. Happy holidays!

New to Blogging but ready to go!

Hello to anyone who is reading this.

I am new to blogging and decided to start because I have been obsessed with this one blog but I was scared to start my own. This is a big step for me.  As you might have guessed my name is Rachel and I am a college student, this is going to be a blog with a whole lot of my writing on it as well as music that i cover write or just want to share. I hope to keep up with a once a week format, (This is actually my new year’s resolution.)

According to my horoscope (Leo) this is a year that I should follow through on my resolution so I hope it is correct (But this could be one of those self-fulfilling prophecies.

This is going to be a short post to almost just a mission statement. But if you have any questions leave a comment, I want to get your feedback on what I can approve on, I plan on responding to everyone in a timely manner, I can’t wait to meet people who like the same things as me or at least who like to read me. 

Always remember to keep writing because it is the best way you can document what you are going through, 

I would love to do more right now but i have two more finals this semester (Tomorrow) and i need to study more than i need to blog.

🙂 -Rachel