Today is my first day off in a week and i was planning to spend it alone. This plan was slightly foiled by my best friend on the program needing to go home to new mexico. He has to sort out a good deal of school related things and at this time views staying at disney as the wrong move. His flight is tomorrow. 

I went over and cryed in saying goodbye he is hopefully going to stay in my life the way my best friends from scotlan have. We message from time to time and would help out if we ever could. 

I have been amazingly happy and lucky to have the opertuntiy to travel but it’s hard to make friends and have to leave them. There was an episode of flapjack called cammie where the protaginists leave old friends to make new ones and then in time return to old friends. Knowing new friends will become old friends and this is not goodbye but see you later. That is how i feel about my travels sometimes 

Musically inclined

I used to play bass in a girl band. But two years of not practicing made me pretty much forget how to play. I wrote a few songs in high school but nothing decent in college. I havestill done some writing and fallen very deep into the rabit hole of listening to indie rock/folk punk music. 

Last night at anthem the thursday night youth group i try to go to i wrote a choris and created a new band name. I made a friend who works at disney and has a bass. So when we hang i pay special attention to how to  play. You tube will have to reteach me but i am willing to work and relearn. 

Keep swimming

I have been working a lot and the other things that i need to do to be a functioning person and keep from going insane have been slipping to the wayside. 

I just went food shopping after two weeks of living off what i had which was white rice near the end. 

I wake up shower work and sleep occasionally vlog or something but its kindof rare. 

I am starting to realize that the people who are watching the vlog ok bro sis are mainly my friends an they mean the world to me. When i have doubts they remind me that i am not doing as poorly as i think. 

In my head i do bot produce anything worth while but it seems like every week will and i are making shout outs to our small viewers fan base. An american i met on study abroad today said that if we keep going she could see us picking up steam which would be amazing but I knew before i started that this was not a fast track to fame but a social experiment to get closer with my brother

Work nails

I have for years been painting my nails starting seriously at the end of middle school with mastering basic application and shaping then miving to highschool and college where i would put in hours of time for elaborite creations. Sharing them at the end of the month and finding praise in doing so. 

I am now working for walt dosney world and not aloud to have even clear on because it could chip off into the food. I went a month with nude nails the longest span of time since i was 12. As an adult feeling robbed of my privilage 

I had two days off and painted  

 Them beautifly just to take it all off for work this morning 

My absence  

I have been working at disney and video blogging which is not a goo excuse for my absence but it is true. I will try to get back to this but come summer i doubt i will renew the domain name. 

In semi exciting news i took a (very simple) word press certificate class and passed with flying colors so my linked in will stand as a becon of truth that I not only claim I know how to word press from many years of blogging, i took a class in it. 



I have been shifting my energy from blogging to vlogging with my brother. this week i made a video about ET Atari 2600


I have fun with my little brother.

Moving forward we will dive into more things that we love and hope to grow with recomendations every view share or word of mouth means so much to me This is the biggest project i have taken on in a long time. I love the support.


Let’s review last year’s

New Years resolutions for 2016. 

1 better quality work especially for blog posts.

I don’t know how I did on this one, I did post less garbage but I also posted less. This is something I can keep in mind moving forward

2 stop casual cursing. It started in April it needs to end now.

I did well in the summer but it’s not great. I mean well and when I do it casually now it’s still less so another one to keep working on. I can’t curse at Disney and because I did it for work once I know I can do it again.

3 keep up with the people who care and let go if those who don’t (which plays into #4)

YES! I did a really good job here I went to Scotland and kept in touch with the people that not only cared about me but I cared about them.

4 soul search 2k16 .

Not too good on this front but also I am really content right now have been for more than a week and that is something I didn’t know I could accomplish so even though i failed the wiki how version of a soul search I found myself and so that may be a win.

5 the obligatory health resolution. Eat better work out more sleep responsibly and drink water ect.

Yes, I drank my water and cooked for myself which involved buying my own food and not the junk. I played quidditch and though I could have worked out more I did a good job with what I did.

6 I had this one last year too but I don’t want to forget it. (Work in progress.) Be present when with people and don’t use your phone as an escape. When you are alone you’re really feeling it so don’t distance when with People.

I did very well but also my phone didn’t work for four months while I was abroad so it was even easier.


This may be something I regret later but for now I am doing so well that I do not have any resolutions. I am starting a youtube sibling vlog with william my brother so posting weekly there and keeping this up while I work and try to find new things to do both work and entertainment is all I can think of needing.

Try to stay positive the way i am now. All i want is to want nothing is acheivable.

Dawns and eves

I hav. Been going to sleep rather early feeling very tired And then I tend to wake up early. I’m still on something of a London time but going back home the jet lag has me operating in regular hours so I’m not too concerned. 

It is Christmas Eve and I woke before dawn the anticipation of tonight’s party for my family and tomorrow’s family gathering that scream tradition without seeing if that is a precocial responce. 

I read an article yesterday about how coming home to the fully dynamic one grew up with can often trigger a regression of sorts. Being emotionally put back to the day things were for you as a teen. I can feel the regression in myself and I just want to move along. I have a job lined up some ways away and am eager for that to begin. 

Cheers to my friend and neighbor growing up Ewa(happy bday) and her daughter Della, seeing you twice a year is so little when you think about how we used to play together every day


Hopped on a bus and got to see the French country side on a very long journie from Paris to Spain

Got to Barcelona went to an amazing hostel called St. Christophers and would recommend it was less than $10 a night and free wifi and breakfast and a walking tour. I met some amazing people there too, definitely worth it. The first night I walked around and saw all these lights decorating the streets.

I went to park Guell and saw all the beautiful mosaic and whimsical architecture. It felt like living in a Dr. Suess book

Went to tapas and had loads of fun drinking wine sangria and eating loads of little amounts of food


There was amazing chalk art in Paris  

The catacombs came to be because the limestone had been dug out of the undergrounds of Paris to build cathedrals and such. The tunnels were left behind and inspected with this alpha numeric system. The initials of the inspector and the year

The bones were moved from many cemetaries all over the city that had been sent into disrepair. the bones could be relocated into this place that was otherwise just empty tunnels. This is the largest burial ground now  

The patterns were beautiful with all the skulls and femurs.

The stone could be mined quite far up and then it needed to be reinforced and form this bell shape up in the air.

I met Aaron Lopresti fresh off of Germany Comicon, he does the pencil sketches for the wonder women comics. We went to lunch together after the catacombs.

I finished that day with a museum of art that made ya think.